McCabe’s ‘Secret Memos’ Revealed!

March 22, 2018 MJA 0

American Greatness: [Kurt Schlichter] Attorney General Jeff Sessions canned FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for doing things much worse than anything Robert Mueller and his pack of Democrats accuse former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn of doing. But that didn’t spare liberals everywhere from feeling [Read More]

Old Time Candy

March 22, 2018 BFH 8

This looks like the booty laid out on my bed in 1970 after a Halloween haul. Companies are still making the candy I knew as a kid. This SITE has it all. This all began because out of nowhere I remembered the taste and texture of [Read More]

YouTube Is Banning Some Firearms Videos

March 22, 2018 MJA 2

DC: Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates are speaking out against a YouTube decision to ban some firearms videos. The video sharing site will no longer allow people to post videos designed to “sell firearms or certain firearms accessories.” YouTube will no longer allow videos [Read More]

Psychologist Runs Off With Incarcerated Loon

March 22, 2018 BFH 9

Fox- Authorities launched a dragnet Wednesday for a psychologist and patient who walked out of the Arkansas State Hospital without permission earlier this week. An arrest warrant was issued for Michelle Messer, 41, a psychological examiner at the hospital accused of taking Cory Chapin, 46, [Read More]

Schlichter: Don’t Go To College

March 22, 2018 MJA 7

Townhall: “Higher education” is terrible. Please note the quotation marks, you doofy liberals who will no doubt fill the comments with high-pitched typing about how “Conservatives hate knowing stuff.” What passes for “education” today is nothing of the sort, and what calls itself “academia” is [Read More]

I think my Bozo died

March 22, 2018 BFH 21

There are way too many Bozos in this world. It’s like going to see “The Temptations” at an amusement park. They are simultaneously playing in another state. It’s a ball of confusion. But this Bozo, who just passed away at 89 years of age, I think [Read More]

Canada appears to be turning right

March 22, 2018 MJA 10

[,,,] If elections were held now, according to the Angus Institute polling, the conservative leader Andrew Scheer would become Canada’s prime minister.  Luckily for Trudeau, federal elections are not slated until 2019.  The disgraceful spectacle he made of himself and his family in India has made him [Read More]

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