Intestinal Exorcism

October 11, 2015 BFH 16

Irony alerts me that Geezerish put a link to some hilarious Amazon reviews of Sugar Free Gummy Bears, and the “laxative” effect they have for some people, in the comments. Awhile back we featured The LA BEAST, a guy who accepts eating challenges from viewers. [Read More]

It’s the Final Meltdown

October 11, 2015 Dr. Tar 18

Hillary campaign staffers are reported to be desperately trying to redirect her anger away from them and at Republicans before their candidate losses it in front of the cameras.       Her 10 point drop among Democrats this last week would lead one to conclude [Read More]

Thin skin and bone thin, too

October 11, 2015 MJA 68

DC Whispers:  He continues to battle a nicotine addiction and has spent a small fortune keeping his records private – including his medical history. Though viewed as the picture of health in 2008, Barack Obama appeared more gaunt the following year and since then weight [Read More]

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