February 24, 2018 MJA 4

Here’s Canada’s prime minister doing some sort of Indian dance…. In India… In front of Buddha and everybody. ^^^ Click above to see the other Pathétique things Justin Trudeau has been doing while in India .    

Rockwell’s Art Reimagined By “Modern” Artists

February 24, 2018 BFH 6

illustr8r alerted me to a Smithsonian article where 4 artists were chosen to reimagine Norman Rockwell’s 4 iconic Saturday Evening Post covers that comprised the “Four Freedoms.” Rockwell’s Four Freedoms were already a reimagining of sorts. They were based on a speech made by FDR [Read More]

Why Multiculturalism Fails

February 24, 2018 BFH 6

When people of diverse backgrounds are forced together in proximity, it creates social distrust. Society breaks down. Ethnocentric cultures thrive over multicultural ones. It’s not too late.

Canadian Cannibal Who Decapitated Victim on a Bus Walks Free

February 24, 2018 MJA 5

  A Manitoba man has been set free after being found not criminally responsible by Canadian courts for decapitating and cannibalizing a passenger during a grizzly ride on a Greyhound bus.     Will Baker, also known as Vince Li, was granted an absolute discharge by Manitoba’s Criminal [Read More]

Heads on spikes found in Swedish lake

February 23, 2018 MJA 8

Ars Techina: In east-central Sweden, workers demolishing a railway that crossed the Motala Ström River discovered something bizarre. For roughly 7,500 years, a shallow, swampy lake in the area had hidden a pile of stones that contained the skeletal remains of at least 10 people [Read More]

Report: 4 Deputies Waited Outside School During Shooting

February 23, 2018 MJA 34

DAILY CALLER: According to a report by CNN’s Jake Tapper, four Broward County deputies waited outside of Stoneman Douglas High School while shooter Nikolas Cruz took the lives of 17 students and staff members inside. Sheriff Scott Israel revealed on Thursday that the school resource [Read More]

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