No Evacuated Infedels Allowed in Texas Mosque

September 1, 2017 6

TrumpNation🇺🇸‏ @ros_ke 11m11 minutes ago #BREAKING: #Texas #Mosque Refuses To Help those affected by flood ‘Allah Forbids Helping Infidels’ August 31, 2017 The Ramashan Mosque outside of Houston is one of the few buildings in the area that has not been hard by flooding, but [Read More]

The Upside Is The Dead Are Muslims

June 17, 2017 6

Bonus pics of rescue dogs in protective doggie booties. I won’t pretend to care that a group of muslims died horribly in a fire. It’s a good start. Tags: apartment fire, doggies in booties, Muslims, uk

A certain group of people is no longer voting Labour

June 2, 2017 0

Apparently, Labour’s decades-long flood-Britain-with-millions-of-islamic-terrorists policy is now being viewed with increasing skepticism by the people that are most certainly going to be preferentially murdered by the muslims first. As those muslims have come to dictate Labour’s policies, the people on the losing end of those [Read More]

Muslims explode in Manchester, UK – 19+ dead

May 22, 2017 3

19 Dead, 50+ Injured After Reports of ‘Explosions’ At UK Ariana Grande Concert Who could have possibly predicted this? I mean, it’s so completely out of character for them. OK, the worthless UK ‘government’ hasn’t confirmed that it’s muslims, yet. Yet. But I’m going to [Read More]

Sweden – Two bombings in 24 hours

March 11, 2017 4

I wonder who could possibly be behind this? Troll Liberation Front, maybe? They haven’t confirmed that it’s muslims, yet. Yet. It *might* be Swedish guys blowing up muslims for once. That would be a nice change. Tags: explosion, Muslims, muslims again, sweden

Remember when Sweden didn’t have grenade attacks?

February 28, 2017 2

It was before they let muslims invade and occupy their country. Maybe letting muslims into Sweden was a suicidally stupid thing to do? Just a thought. Tags: grenade attacks, Muslims, sweden

Explosives detonated at Pasadena, CA restaurant

February 3, 2017 3

“The man was described as Latino or Middle Eastern, about 6 feet tall, thin build, with a heavy beard.” You don’t say? OK, it might be an angry Mexican loner on psych drugs, and with an aversion to shaving. Maybe. There is like a 0.1% [Read More]


January 23, 2017 1

What the recent imports to the West would have us become. Merkel and Obama must be ecstatic. They all need to go back. Tags: goat fuckers, islam, Muslims

The Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a muslim convert.

January 11, 2017 2

I am shocked. It’s so unusual for muslims to kill random people. Who could have possibly seen this coming? I also wonder why there hasn’t been a peep about this on the television “news” programs. Weird. Tags: goat fuckers, Jihad, Muslims, terrorism

Merkel’s Endgame for Germany Becomes Obvious

October 31, 2016 1

The German police have lost control of their streets. Even the stupidest German leftist must realize by now that they have been betrayed by their government – and that they have no future if things are not changed immediately. Tags: goat f’ers, islam, merkel, Muslims, [Read More]

Must Watch Video: ‘Moderate Muslims?’ – TPC

August 18, 2015 0

The video in this article tells the story of whether the existence of moderate Muslims is a reality or merely a figment of Barack Obama’s Manchurian President imagination? Tags: Islamic extremists, Manchurian President, Muslims