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GA Senate Passes Voter I.D. for Mail-in Ballots

Populist Press: John Fredericks explains how the War Room audience is leading to the first step to fixing the fixed elections in Georgia, after the senate passed a bill requiring voter I.D. for mail-in ballots.  

“You gotta get involved in Georgia because that general assembly is the litmus test of how to fix the voter irregularites and the fraud going forward,” Fredericks said.

The Republican-led senate passed S.B. 67, a bill to require photo identification for absentee ballots.

“This is a huge win,” Fredericks told Stephen K. Bannon. “Without the Deplorables in Georgia, without your show, without mine…this would have never happened in Georgia.”

“If you can’t undo the fix, how are you going to do anything else?” said Bannon, explaining why real fixes to election integrity is critical to keep the Deplorables in the fight. WATCH

SNIP: Whether you win or lose a fight, always take a chunk out of their vital organ on the way down.

13 Comments on GA Senate Passes Voter I.D. for Mail-in Ballots

  1. Not sure it matters. We had election laws before the last election. Then in March of 2020, the SOS signed a settlement agreement with Tank Abrams bunch that gutted quite a few of them.

    Then the big Atlanta metro counties generated and re-scanned ballots to make sure.

    New laws aren’t doing to fix jack shit here.

  2. Does it really matter if Argyle Sweater Vest Doucheberger can enter into a side agreement with the democrats?

  3. To make themselves look good, they already have the old switch-er-roon in place at which time they tell us how they have solved the problem……OH, and you can trust them this time.

    There is NO way to trust a liberal.

  4. New laws might be nice, but it would have better if they’d enforced the laws they already had in place. Too fucking little, too fucking late…

  5. no absentee ballots period. If you’re so lazy or its too inconvenient to vote in person, you dont deserve to vote. Stay the f out of it and let adults do this.

  6. Laws mean nothing without enforcement!
    DemocRATs are well aware of this!
    They used to beg for forgiveness after the fact and get away with it.
    Now they just give us the finger and say “Whadya gonna do about it!”

  7. As a Georgia resident, I’m not impressed. As voiced by others here, too little too late. Plenty of laws on the books already that should have been enforced but weren’t. Irregularities out the yang-yang that were ignored.

  8. How are they supposed to know that the person voting by mail is really that person? Are they going to require sending a picture from the voter saying, “This is me.” Voting by mail is a travesty and a joke, I hate voting voting by mail in wash. state.

  9. Yippee. The left will just find a rat batard judge to overturn the Georgia voter ID law just like they did in North Carolina.

  10. Can anyone factually explain how securing our voting process by requiring a Photo ID discriminates against only certain people? When we live in a society where Government requires an ID for everything else and GA even offers a FREE 8 year Voter ID?

    (A Middle-eastern GA. Voter)


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