Gaetz: Lloyd Austin Is A ‘Grifter General’ Leading An ‘Un-serious’ Military – IOTW Report

Gaetz: Lloyd Austin Is A ‘Grifter General’ Leading An ‘Un-serious’ Military

From April 11th-
Congressman Matt Gaetz joined “The Gorka Reality Check” on Newsmax to discuss his clash with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin last week, plans for Republican-led oversight after the midterms, reparations for discharged service members who defy the woke dogma, and more!

13 Comments on Gaetz: Lloyd Austin Is A ‘Grifter General’ Leading An ‘Un-serious’ Military

  1. How can you graduate West Point being so stupid ?

    Missing caption for a picture above.

  2. Gaetz is right! $64 question.
    Namethe leftist President giving Col Austin his flag?

    Hint – Has hated Ronny for 43 years.

  3. He and Milley got their orders to destroy the military.
    It’s all they’re good at.
    Officers who the Dems are putting in the spotlight all have brown noses and lips.

  4. I keep hearing propaganda about all of these Russian generals being killed in combat in Ukraine, and while I greatly doubt the veracity of these reports, I still lament that this doughy cretin who is getting our troops killed and wounded in a stupid war on covid will never himself succumb to hot steel or lead. Perhaps a combined assault of covid and comorbidity will do the job. But then, what lesbian nightmare would replace him?

  5. O/T but this photo is what my SIL looked like when she came to my son’s outdoor wedding this past summer. Triggers me 😂😂

  6. If you are a young person considering military service…. DON’T!! And if you are already a military member, then you should process out or retire at the earliest opportunity……


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