Galoomphy Marries Again

Everything is always a little bizarre with the caveman Alan Grayson.


One of Dena Minning’s biggest assets in her congressional bid was her boyfriend: incumbent Alan Grayson, who’s leaving the U.S. House to run for U.S. Senate.

Now, after Grayson has helped raise her profile and run for his U.S. House seat, he married her over the Memorial Day Weekend and gave her his last name, according to her Monday social-media posts and The Orlando Political Observer.

Dena Minning promptly became Dena Grayson on Twitter and Facebook. The largely unknown outsider in the Orlando-area district now has a potent tool in running under the name of the incumbent in a crowded Democratic primary.

“My handsome,

images-2brilliant, and amazing husband, Alan Grayson!!.” she said Monday on her page, which linked to his Senate account.

The Senate candidate’s page made no similar announcement.

The Grayson wedding adds more drama to the 9th Congressional District race, in which Grayson’s former aide and political hand, Susannah Randolph, had been laying the groundwork for the seat. But then she learned last year that her boss’s girlfriend wanted to run and that he would back her.

“I’m speechless,” Randolph, who hadn’t heard the word of the representative’s intentions at the time, told POLITICO May 5, 2015.

At the time, Grayson hadn’t officially announced for U.S. Senate and was starting to get into an increasing number of scraps with fellow Democrats and reporters.

Grayson was also involved in a messy bigamy case, in which he prevailed, and soon faced ethics questions over a hedge fund he ran.
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  1. This kind of reminds me of the prom queen who shacks up with the biker/drug dealer. It defies logic.

  2. I’m quite certain that Alan “So-Easy-A-Caveman-etc.” Grayson is NOT a “potent tool.”

    In other news, I’d tap that.

  3. Grayson could play that old Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer routine from 1990’s Saturday Night Live without any makeup

  4. Grayson is a government goof! Here’s a little excerpt on the efficiencies of government, albeit unrelated to this goof.

    In illinois we have to routinely check emissions on older vehicles. We have an old GMC van that gets used very little and decided we’d renew the tags for another year. So today being the last day it’s legally able to be driven we take it up to the testing station. There was a 1 mile long line of traffic to get into the place!

    So in the interest of saving the environment, the government has a couple hundred vehicles sit and idle their engines.

  5. She has Charlie Manson crazy eyes, just needs a swastika tattoo on her forehead and she will be ready for Halloween.

  6. My handsome, brilliant, and amazing husband, Alan Grayson!!.” she said Monday on her page, which linked to his Senate account.

    Good grief the insanity is deep. Quick get a net for her!

  7. Open the Door spot on with the crazy eyes comment. And the part about Grayson being handsome and brilliant makes me think she’s in a hostage situation and is being forced to submit a statement. Alert the authorities.

  8. @old_oaks, the line was preventing access from the highway off-ramp on the way out, and the self-storage facility probably just shut down.

  9. What? Is that the retard District of Florida?

    If the Moose can be “The Most Elegant First Lady Since Jackie Kennedy” I guess Alan Grayson can be “handsome.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Come November one or both will probably be unemployed, so I guess Galoomphy better get his track shoes ready to go chase ambulances down I-95 again.

  11. “My handsome and amazing husband, Alan Grayson!!.”

    Test her for drugs and brain damage.

    No one can say that sober and mean it.

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