Gang Terrorism in the Bronx, Major Arrests

bronx ny drug arrests history

FoundersCode: Eighty eight suspected members of the 2Fly Ygz and Big Money Bosses gangs are arrested following raids in the Bronx.

ny gang bust largest in its history

Sky News US Team

Nearly 700 New York Police officers and federal agents have carried out the biggest drug gang operation in the city’s history, a federal prosecutor has said.

Some 88 people were arrested in a series of pre-dawn raids in the Bronx targeting two rival drug gangs from top to bottom on Wednesday.  more

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  1. They got better gang names in NYC.
    Cincinnati’s big gang was headquartered at a city playground and their name was Tot Lot Posse.

  2. obama will give them executive clemency … have a whithouse round table and restore their voting privileges.
    #Drug dealers, murderers and thugs lives matter.

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