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Garbage Birds

The white stork has long been seen in folklore as the deliverer of babies in the springtime. This was because of the animals migration from Northern Africa to Europe.


The storks of Spain and Portugal have stopped migrating in the last 30 years and now spend the whole year feasting on food refuse discarded at the landfills of the two nations. Their numbers have increased considerably, but now there are fears for the bird’s survival.

No not from their diet, but from an EU directive that will force these countries to close their landfills.











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  1. …and they will do what the a certain variety of Kodiak bear does during ice age periods..
    adapt to the changing environment

  2. For millennia, they migrated every year. Why? To go from cold places where food would be scarce to warmer places where food would be more plentiful. The presence of these landfills have provided a constant (albeit unnatural) year-round source of food, thus altering that yearly migration pattern.

    If the landfills are closed, they won’t simply sit around and await their demise. They will go back to the yearly migration patterns they had before.

    To assume that nature relies on mankind for its survival is the epitome of hubris.

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