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Garda has stopped moving money for Illinois

WalshFreedom: The armored car company hired by Illinois warned the state weeks ago that if it did not receive payment, it would no longer move money — and that deadline is up.


Since the state did not pay the $50,000 it owed Garda Cash Logistics, the armored car company, Illinois’ money is no longer protected by such a security team when it moves, according to WFLD-TV in Chicago. See more

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  1. I once worked for a small manufacturing company that got way upside down on a couple large projects. They fell far behind on their bills.

    Can you imagine being so far in the hole – to everyone – that the post office stops coming by?

  2. Wait a minute. IL doesn’t have enough to pay the armored car company ….. that moves money for IL. What am I missing here?

  3. Cheer up Chicago and be patient until the presidential election. If the Mad Hatter wins he will get the Armored Car Co to do it for free once they understand the benefits and sacrifices of socialism! If Bernie loses and the Vagina Monologues wins she will force them to do it for free or they feel the punitive strong arm of a dictatorship!

  4. I am a state civil servant, and you can’t get a rubber band at my workplace for love nor money. For weeks I have been buying them myself.

    I guess the supply budget ran out……idiots.

  5. Obviously, a violation of the Voting Rights Act. Either Garda starts hauling again, or the DOJ sues and Barky diverts unused ICE vehicles to shuttle the loot.

  6. Illinois is typically 9 TO 12 months in arrears in paying their bills for services provided. A socialist democrat stronghold with a state senate and house solidly democrat. The past two governors were pat Quinn and rod Blagojevich

    A newly elected Republican Governor attempting to control the fiscally uncontrollable socialist democrat machine.

  7. Would not be surprised if Barky diverted Social Security funds to them as well. Talk about Obama’s legacy… yeah, boy, he’s got a long and runny legacy.

  8. There’s no problem here, IL has no money to move anymore.
    It’s what happens when you run out of other people’s money.

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