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Gas Prices Spike Again in California

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The Biden regime refuses to accept responsibility for soaring gas prices caused primarily because it has trashed America’s energy independence the nation enjoyed under President Donald Trump—unless the prices go down.

And, after the price temporarily and artificially decreased because of Biden’s irresponsible draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, the prices are spiking once again in California and elsewhere.

KTLA News reported, “They’ve done it again. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has topped $6 in the state of California.

“The price rose 16 cents overnight from $5.88 on Tuesday to about $6.04 Wednesday, according to AAA’s website.”

They also noted gas prices rose 15 cents from Tuesday to Wednesday, and it’s “about 56 cents higher than just a week ago.” more

12 Comments on Gas Prices Spike Again in California

  1. They don’t need gasoline in Californicate since they are forcing the residents there to drive EV Vehicles that can’t be charged because the power grid can’t support the electricity required to do so.

  2. I just paid $6.89 This morning for premium tp fill my motorcycle.
    This is insanely high prices – effing biteme!

  3. I paid $2.85 a gallon for regular — in Houston. But we aren’t governed by enlightened officials looking out for the common citizen as does Gavin Nuisance.

  4. I thought Biden asked his pals owning gas stations to lower the price…didn’t they get the message???

  5. It is skyrocketing here too. Just in time for mid-terms!

  6. Here in Washington ethanol free gas jump 70 cents in 2 weeks. Now $5.59.

  7. Strategic oil reserves depleted. Mission accomplished.

  8. Regular is 5.09 now at Safeway in Oregon. I saw yesterday at a different gas station 6.99 for diesel.

  9. I’m paying $2.95 for regular at my local Mobil station. With my retiree discount from ExxonMobil, it sure is better than it was, but not as good as it should be. Let’s go, Brandon!

  10. Toenex

    Yikes, looks like Oregon has passed Cali on fuel tax. I’m paying $6.09 for diesel at Safeway. Average price I see is $6.39.


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