Gathering of people making public pledges

Don’t know what it is I am watching. Looks like a cult.

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  1. I just said this on another thread: Decades of Public School propaganda and a lack of teaching fundamentals and real History are coming to fruition! This is the result of brainwashing!

  2. The Cult of Leftism.

    The pastor, Brother Lispy Woke, is leading them through their Creed of Affirmation.

  3. Back in the 90’s I worked for the Civil Rights Commission. I was told I was the last token whitey they would hire. After 2 years of constantly having to go to sensitivity training, I quit. Up to that point, I didn’t feel one way or the other about race, but I definitely left with a very strong opinion. Talk about propaganda being shoved down your throat. And no, I am NOT ashamed of being white!

  4. I have an idea. I heard of this place in South America called Guyana.
    Call democrat Jackie Speier, she knows the area.
    [Yeah, I said it. Her state promoted the idea]

  5. Only guaranteed way to rid oneself of white guilt and ensure never doing any harm to blacks is suicide. Pass around the kool-aid.

  6. I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see it, but colonization of Mars is sounding better all the time.

  7. As a long-time resident of the pre-desegregation South, I can tell you without a doubt that life for blacks and whites was better under segregation.

    Not to my surprise we see blacks in universities and elsewhere self-segregating.

    So…let’s see… which group are in fact the racists? The whites? Nope. Or the blacks? Fill in the blank…YUP!

  8. It’s the cult of “I Surrender”.
    Or the cult of “Someone Stole My Underarm Deodorant & I Gotta Air Out My Pits”.
    I forget which this one is.

  9. If there was some type of war or infraction?

    These morons would be the first to go…the first chattel slaves to die.

  10. Have you ever seen a dog that has been so abused that he grovels at your feet? It makes me sick to my soul and I want to wreak massive damage on the person responsible.

    I don’t feel quite that horrifically about these people. In fact, I don’t think I feel too badly at all. Dogs are innocent and don’t know any better. These people know better. Whatever is motivating them to join this cult, is on them.

    Ok, maybe I feel bad that they all drank the Kool-Aid, but – again – that’s on them. Their brains, their choice.

  11. Allow me to share an illustration this reminds me of. I heard it from an old Independent Baptist preacher…

    People will pay good money to stand in the heat for hours waiting to get on a five-minute amusement park ride, or a crap blockbuster film, or some blaspheming whore’s music concert.

    Because of that, don’t tell me [the preacher said] that it’s absurd to think people will accept the mark of the beast when being able to EAT is on the line. They absolutely will AND they will thank Antichrist’s government for graciously providing it.

    Now take this picture. If guilt tripped whites will kneel before black people and beg forgiveness for things they never even did, do you think they’ll bow before the apparently miraculous talking image of the Beast and his false prophet?


  12. Don’t really care what sort of cult it is, as long as they all have a nice big glass of punch before they board the mothership….

  13. Is this the *CBP “oath of office,” before they begin looting & burning?

    *Cracka’s Be Protestin'” 🙄

  14. Be difficult to find a white person who kneels who also condemns looting and burning. They’ll say it’s somehow justified and not theft if black people do it. Will be interesting to see what happens when it eventually comes to White St and Caucasian Blvd.

  15. “Soon it will be: Kneel or you will be Knelt.”

    Yep. It’ll become like the Mohammedan call to prayer. Politicians, cops, civilians will stop what they’re doing and kneel on cue. You’ll stand out if you don’t.

    “I prefer death.”


  16. @grool –

    As I’ve been out at the stores over the past several weeks observing people, it has occurred to me that people actually love their “masks.” It makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves. It’s now “fashion” and it’s here to stay for a long time.

    I am convinced that should any Islamic Overlords impose Shariah Law, they will meet with little resistance when ordering women to cover their faces.


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