Gavin McInnes blows away Reza Aslan

To commemorate Reza Aslan losing his job at CNN for his anti-Trump tweets, Gavin McInnes
deconstructs a taqiyya video from the annoying Reza Aslan.

h/t Vlad Tepes

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  1. I have no idea why Gavin isn’t much much much more popular than he is.
    He should have his own show on primetime.

  2. I’ve never heard of that Reza thing. Oh, CNN. No wonder.

    The one thing I see, is a minuscule of hope that the left’s vomitus swill, is strating to be shoved back down their own throats. Is it possible? Or is it kin to an oasis in the desert, seen in the distance? Can’t tell if it’s real, yet.

    Is anyone keeping score? Griffin, Mahr, (to a lesser degree), then this unknown, Reza, and the whole Comey debacle staged by the left, yielding exactly ZERO.

    Oh, lets have a a congressional investigation of the congressional investigation committee. Wait, did I get enough ‘congressional investigation’s in there? No wonder it’s called a swamp!

    We seem to have heard so little from the usual leftist clowns, after the Comey swamp has boondoggle. Where are you, Schumer, Pelosi’, Warren? Pow wow time? I think the demented Waters reared her head from swamp scum swimming, to burp up some filthy sludge she had been sucking, but I think that was on another subject.

    Is it possible? Are the swamp larvae starting to pull back?

    Not to worry there will be a lack of further swirling of congressional investigations of congressional investigations, of congressional investigations, and we have such stellar performances to look forward to, such as ‘WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY, MCCAIN’ and the other riders of the swamp gas buggy called congress.

  3. Excellent commentary. This guy is presenting truth that should be common knowledge to most conservatives, and sadly is not. The left want “coexistence”, a misnomer, under Sharia or any other totalitarian system that gives them the most control.

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