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Gay Former “Teacher of the Year” Took A Knee At College Football National Championship

Yahoo! News

A “Teacher of the Year” who skipped last year’s White House awards ceremony to support marginalized communities, kneeled during the national anthem at a college football game with President Donald Trump and Melania Trump.

Kelly Holstine, 46, Minnesota’s 2018 Teacher of the Year and the director of educational equity at OutFront Minnesota, an LGBT+ civil rights group, attended the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday in New Orleans. Before the Louisiana State University-Clemson University game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the first couple took the field amid chants of “USA, USA” and “Four more years!”

The former English teacher from Shakopee, Minn., who was the first openly-gay teacher to receive the award, lined up for the national anthem with her colleagues, only 15 feet from the president and the first lady. As singer Lauren Daigle performed, Holstine took a knee. More

Who invited this attention seeker drama queen to the game in the first place? – Dr. Tar

27 Comments on Gay Former “Teacher of the Year” Took A Knee At College Football National Championship

  1. “the first openly-gay teacher to receive the award,” which means she’s not really that special. Because I’m sure other gays accepted that award without showboating his or her business.
    Polite people don’t do that. Emotionally strong people don’t need to do that.

  2. And what I said also goes for any woman, black, native whatever, midget, asian, etc.
    If there’s enough of you around already- You’re not special.

  3. What gives this freak a “teacher of the year” award, uncritically repeated?

    Basically a fairly useless trade organization (or club), the sort of thing that one “chief education officer” from each state (and five other gratuitously-included “jurisdictions”) apparently automatically belongs to, that few pay any attention to, that is run out of DC (and in 2017 or thereabouts reconfigured its SJW policies), whose apparently few meetings are sponsored by big corporations (how nice a lobby-motivated paid little getaway)…

    An award-win that is about as important and achievement-driven as your local car rental company’s “worker of the day”.

    Can we please stop being led like sheep into exalting minutia into media celebrity?

  4. If you are that ugly, past child bearing age, and that stupid, being gay is the only choice because NO guy will look at you!!

  5. Why is she a “former English teacher” now? She received her award in 2018. Surely there was another given out in 2019 to a deserving person. Why wasn’t that teacher invited to the game?

    Holstine had her chance to grandstand last year at the WH and passed, but they gave her another go at the championship game this year and she took a knee at the first opportunity.

  6. Not clicking on a Yahoo! link but I’ll take your word the lebeesian teacher is uglier than the aftermath of a night out at taco bell

  7. Leftist Islamic alliance and Kelly is the first one they will go after– not only fugly but incredibly stupid, the most ridiculous looking dyke ever!

  8. We had a local teacher receive the Teacher of the Year award a few decades ago. He was later fired and arrested for child molestation.

  9. Got the award not for effective teaching but because “it” pressed all the correct social buttons.
    Shaved head too, a real classy mutant.

  10. What is really encouraging to me is the reader comments on the Yahoo News page is running about 500 to 1 against this creature.

  11. Stop giving these people attention and perhaps they will recede into the dark dank place from which they spring.

  12. We had haircuts like that for six months at the police academy. Because they made us.

    Still, at least she can’t dye her hair magenta…

  13. Of course, her issues aren’t caused by President Trump. They are directly related to her lifestyle and being crazy.
    She’s on the edge of completely losing it. If this stunt doesn’t maintain the attention she desires – and it won’t, she’s going to need a welfare check in the near future.


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