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Gay Man Explains Why They Will Destroy Marriage For Themselves

DePaul University professor of philosophy, Dr. Jason Hill, explains the fundamental problems with male gay culture and how it’s a barrier to most gay men ever experiencing a real marriage.


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It comes down to the sex addiction, hedonism and nihilism at the dark heart of the gay community.

While marriage is a normal phase of maturation for heterosexuals, for gay men “the meaning of “committed” or “monogamous” means, for the most part something radically different than in heterosexual marriage.”


In practice it means you hetros have to accept my “lifestyle” without criticism of my desire for multiple partners anytime I wish, because my gay spouse and I are in an open marriage.

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  1. sorry, but faggots talk too much, article way too long, someone thinking thinking he is way too important to ignore, and that we all need to analyze sodomites


  2. We know that homos are fatally promiscuous. Tell me something new.

    The whole stick with homos is their desire to not just have normal people(that would be 97% of us) leave them alone to fuck each other in the ass but to have us condone their behavior to the point that we can’t call 2 men blowing each other, abnormal.

    And if there should be ANYONE that won’t bow to their deprivations, they will use the government to bend them to their knees.

    I’m just waiting for the first homo to ask me to make a leaded window depicting some kind of faggoty bullshit.

  3. poor guy.

    a conservative democrat homosexual hoping to find mr. right who won’t wander off and bang 2000 other men after the ceremony.

    well good luck with that mr. jamaica.

    again, who molested you after your parents divorced at age six????


  4. In my years of living I have noticed that most women tend to establish relationships with their thoughts or concepts being guided by love or wishing for it. Men on the other hand are socially, instinctively, and biologically driven by “sex”. Love develops later or more slowly. While is quite understandable and natural to see that gays tend to “love” each other sooner or later, it is the MEN who are driven by “sex” as a first priority and as an initial attractant to other men OR women. Gay MEN practice some very disgusting habits……….and that is what differentiates them from gay women. This is not an absolute either way……but is the most prevalent situation. Older gay men tend to become pedophiles much more readily partly because of the male aggressiveness. It’s just the way it is folks. Making your sexual deviancy into a political statement is also unseemly……..

  5. Shee-it. My alma mater finally makes it into a news article and it’s over that shit.
    Shee-it. And they had the chutzpah to call me for a donation the other night.

  6. It is way to long, but well organized enough that one can skim it for the main points pretty easily.

    I liked the comments section on this one. From what I saw there were a couple of gay guys saying “Yep, he’s right, we are a bunch of awful human beings who are obsessed with our own constant pursuit of getting off.”

    One added the observation that even if a gay man isn’t trying to have sex with every other gay man, the population is so small that its impossible to find a monogamous partner, so just give in and joy the orgy with the rest of the degenerates.

    Yuck, the lot of them.

  7. Gay and marriage go together like, I don’t know, ice cream and birdshit.

    While this may work for you faggits, I’m just not into the birdshit part.

    So really, I guess I’m saying I just don’t give a fuck about your failures in life and the eternal damnation of your souls in the fiery pits of hell, where you are predestined to burn in eternity for failing the test of morality, while walking on the face of God’s green Earth, in time and space.

  8. They are severely mentally ill. Hedonism Nihilism severely perverted
    It’s not just being gay it’s a whole degenerate lifestyle. Look at the photo.
    Look at gay parades its sickening

  9. For liberals wanting to destroy marriage and the nuclear family inviting this dysfunction and pretending it is reasonable and acceptable was a dream come true. This is an open letter why gays shouldn’t be adopting and raising kids. These LBGT mandates are going to leave real carnage for everyone involved.

  10. The ‘Gay Lifestyle’ is the key phrase.
    Every movement, and occupation, every conversation is never far from the subject of Gayness, and its inevitable approach to sex.
    It is swishy behavior and fucking everything that moves. It is accepting the farcical notion of ‘relationships’ in that world, while cheating on your partner at every opportunity.
    It is simply, being a 24/7 slave to their base nature, and following their dicks like addicts.
    Which is what they are.
    Orgasm addicts with an endorphin monkey on their backs calling all the shots.

  11. these freaks know they aren’t normal, so they demand others give them permission to be deviant, then nothing is ever their fault

  12. I’m not homophobic. I just think a man ramming his rod up another guy’s ass is beyond disgusting.

  13. Pray for them. Not all who have been molested choose to be gay, but all, but a very few, have been molested as kids and were convinced by the molester that they, the kids, are gay. Thank Kinsey for that.

  14. Homosexuality is not a worse sin than any other, but biblically it does seem to stand out as a reliable gauge of just how far gone people can get.

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