Gay Manhattan Dentist Who Intentionally Tried to Infect People With Aids Was “Aids Activist”

AND… he was busted for child pornography. And he went to bestiality parties.

Homosexual men are GAY!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…




  • John Wallace Wolf was arrested on Friday for sharing child pornography and intentionally trying to spread HIV 
  • The 59-year-old was ironically an AIDS activist who had previously fought for the rights of people with HIV
  • In 1998, he took a fellow Manhattan dentist to court alleging he had discriminated against people with HIV 
  • Wolf was investigated by the FBI after a meth dealer who was arrested last March became an informant for the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office
  • Wolf claimed to be HIV positive and ‘at times punctured holes in condoms in an intentional attempt to spread the HIV virus to his sexual partners’.
  • Wolf also allegedly gave an undercover FBI agent posing as the informant’s roommate a flash drive full of child pornography 


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31 Comments on Gay Manhattan Dentist Who Intentionally Tried to Infect People With Aids Was “Aids Activist”

  1. Oh wait, he was looking to spread it to his patients wasn’t he. Even with that info we could promote him to Democratic Caucus Congressional dentist. Barry Soertoro would be a patient there as well.

  2. Someone (hint, hint) should take up a campaign and title it “Evil Has a Face” or “The Face of Evil” — sorta like the “Got Milk?” thing. Paste the satan wannabe’s pic and subtitle their quote or crime below it.

  3. From the party of tolerance born is a domestic terrorist dentist who will not rest until everyone is as miserable as he is.

  4. He votes demmie I’m sure. And even though the muzzie scum that are invading the West kill gays, I’m sure he’s all for letting all those goat fuckers in. More people for him to party with. It’s not just homosexuality that is a mental illness, being a democrat is as well. He would also have more people for his child porn. The dirty muzzies are child rapists too, just like homohammad.

  5. This scumbag’s a degenerate of a whole other category. Infants? Animals? Spreading AIDS? What f’n evil is there left for him to do?

  6. Kiddie porn …
    Bestiality …
    Perversion …
    Intentionally Spreading Disease …


  7. Another favorite- “Why can’t they find a cure for AIDS? They can’t find any white mice dumb enough to screw each other!”

  8. It was until 1970 when homosexual activists protested the American Psychiatric Association’s convention in San Francisco. They forced the shrinks to vote away faggotry as a mental illness – and *poofter* it was gone.

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