Gee… What a Mistake Not Voting This Schmuck in as Senator – Beto Drops Ef Bomb, Crowd Loves It

Listen to his message to his backers…

… and the crowd goes wild…

This is Idiocracy come to life.

12 Comments on Gee… What a Mistake Not Voting This Schmuck in as Senator – Beto Drops Ef Bomb, Crowd Loves It

  1. A friend in Texas fears that Cruz can’t win re-election again and should start looking for a job in the private sector next time around. Texas is well on its way to turning blue, maybe even by 2020. Growing high tech industry means an influx of leftists there-similar to what’s happened to Seattle…add in the illegals and it’s a toxic stew.

  2. Nothing makes this loathsome bastard particularly unique in the democrat party, he would have fit right in.
    Being vulgar and crude is a tool used to appeal to their voters.

  3. It is scary to me as a Texan that this guy almost won. I guess its the young folks and suburban women that just hear his “lets work together” message and “every man” appeal. I suspect many don’t know how radical he is or that he married into a family worth 20 billion.

    We will see him run for president as the Dems hope they could grab Texas.

  4. I was looking at vote tallies in TX, Cruz vs. Abbott. About the same number of votes were cast for the senator and governor spots, yet Abbott had a comfortable margin while Cruz’s race was very close. I wonder why so many, about 10% of voters, went for Abbott and also Beto.

  5. I can say for a fact that there are no gentlemen in the democrat party – decorum, character, class; gotta be a conservative to have those qualities.
    That’s why the dems will always be second rate – at best.
    As for Cruz, I don’t think a lot of people though too highly of his presidential run in his first senate term.
    If he runs for POTUS again while in office, he’s toast.

  6. Left Coast Dan- I voted for Cruz in the primary, but let’s face it, I knew that never Trump stunt he pulled before the election was gonna bite him on the ass in the mid-terms. And here we are. He should have won this in a landslide or at the very least, as comfortably as Gov Abbott won his race.


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