Gee, You Think This Guy Might’ve Lied About “Trump Supporting” Waiter?

Well, that didn’t take long.

Low-rent looking Bruce Maxwell, who claimed he was denied service at a restaurant for taking a knee, has been arrested for aggravated assault – waving a gun around at someone.

I’m sure he’s going to claim he’s being targeted for “anthem protesting.”

No, schmuck, you’re being targeted because you’re just a run-of-the-mill ordinary thug.

I think the percentage of people taking a knee during the anthem is in direct proportion to their thuggery level and IQ. Let’s call it their “combine.”

Knee takers are most likely to end up in a mug shot.


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  1. .237 batting avg, 3 HRs, in 76 of 162 games. This thug is too stoopid to look at the stats of whomever is catching at Oakland’s AAA farm club; I guarandamntee you that the Athletics’ management IS looking closely at their AAA & AA catchers right now !!

  2. He didn’t wave a gun around me, if he did he would be dead. I’ve come close to shooting
    3 people.
    They each decided to pull out there gun and wave it around. Each ended up dead; shot by a cop who was closer than I was.
    Don’t wave your gun around

  3. Maxwell does LOOK blacker than he did in the last article that featured him. I erroneously referred to Bruce at that time as ‘Talcum X’ in reference to our favorite fake black guy Shawn King. I apologize kind sir, you ARE black.

  4. If he pleads guilty or goes to trial and is found guilty MLB needs to bite the bullet and boot this guy out. No second chance, no nothing. If they don’t MLB will soon become the NFL with way more drug addicts, wife beaters and general felons then they already have.

  5. Knee takers are most likely to end up in a mug shot.

    Pro sports athletes entertainers being the sort of thugs that they are, it might be more accurate to say that there is a statistically significant positive correlation between taking a knee and an athlete’s entertainer’s total mug shot count.

  6. I don’t know.
    Guy looks sorta like a Brain Sturgeon or one of them “raised pinkey” tea-drinkers, doncha think?
    I’da taken him for some kind of “think-tank” physicist or college perfesser, rather than some ball-twiddler.
    Don’t believe I’d let him babysit my Grand-Chillens, though …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. We pretty much broke the story of that legislator and naturally the other sites have it now with no mention of us.
    When the tipster, Petrus (who deserves the credit), sent it to me it was a vid n liveleak and they didn’t even have her name. I went and found it.
    Am I puffing smoke up my own ass?
    You betcha I am.
    I’m sort of sick of this, actually. Back in the old days sites had the decorum to HT you. Now they just grab and grab and act as if it was their work.

  8. Now instead of taking a knee on the baseball field he’s now going to be down on both knees in jail and taking a big black Louisville slugger right up the ass. 😎

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