Before you think it’s blondes, look at this friggin idiot below —>

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  1. Regarding the “blonde” woman in the photo, I’m pretty sure the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

  2. The other day at Home Depot I watched a guy all decked out in protective gear (mask, long sleeves, socks pulled over his pants) as he was loading lumber into his truck. When he was done, he shoved the cart back to the cart rack, pulled his keys out and proceeded to get in his truck. I motioned for him to roll his window down and I asked him where his gloves were. He said, ‘What?” So I proceeded to tell him that not only had he touched the nasty cart, but he had contaminated his door handle, keys, steering wheel and button to roll down his window. The look of horror on his face was priceless as he sat there staring at his hands. Not sure how long he sat there, as I had other errands to run. What a dipshit!

  3. I hope leftists are this stupid they won’t show up to vote, may vote wrong, show up in the wrong day, who knows. I also suspect the terrorists in the street don’t vote in numbers that matter. No one mentions that.

  4. Democrats ARE stupid. Millennial democrats are even dumber. Yes some people are this dumb.

    “My telephone don’t work, you stupid lazy telephone dude!”

    “You just planted this tree didn’t you?”

    “What’s that got to do with it?”

    “Your telephone died right when you planted this tree, didn’t it?”

    “Yes, I think. But what’s that got to do with it?”

  5. What stirrin’ said. But there’s a bit of truth in a good joke.

    And you have to wear a mask for any reason, write “Covid Theater Prop Dept.” on it.

  6. She forgot the liner – a piece of Glad wrap works well – be sure to mold it tightly around the nose & mouth.

  7. Why didn’t he think of taking the spare tire off that rack? He could have closed the hatch then. What a maroon.

  8. Actually, what she is wearing is equally effective at stopping the CoronaCold virus as any other “mask” out there. No mask, other than one with positive pressure, can stop a particle .125 microns in diameter. Her “mask” at least won’t induce cancer from creating anerobic and acidic conditions in her body.

  9. You would be surprised how many people drop off their lawnmowers with the discription that it quit running while mowing and wouldn’t start again. We put gas in them, charge a $20 troubleshooting fee, and call them to pick it up. Happens very often. We don’t charge them for the splash of gas as we figure they suffer enough coming in to pay the bill.

  10. People are that stupid, eh? Then let’s start a rumor that tattooed masks are more effective than cloth, and you don’t have to keep fiddling with them all the time.

  11. Leave it to a feminitwit to repurpose a TDS pussy hat by turning it into a Commievirus “mask”.

  12. I have a “Joker” balaclava that I am now wearing for those places that require a mask. It works, when people see me they get the hell out of the way.

  13. Blondes-this one is very intelligent, I would wager. She’s thumbing her “protected nose” at all those who foisted this sham upon us. I want one but not in pink. You go girl.

  14. I don’t understand why it won’t close I gave him very specific instructions that he followed to a tee!

  15. I’m very fortunate; I saw the picture of the blonde a couple of weeks ago and realized it was genius. I’m fortunate in that my sister in law crochets, and made me one in black. It is much easier to breathe through and is equally effective as the asinine surrender diapers I see the rest of the sheeple wearing.

  16. I have a neighbor who started leaving his trash cans in his front yard near my house. I asked him to please move the cans as the smell was entering my house through an outside vent and coming through a window, even when it was closed. He said he knew the trash was really stinky but it wouldn’t be in the future.
    I told him that was an illogical statement and asked him if he had a crystal ball that told him what the trash would smell like in the future. He’s still confused but, he may get smarter when the HOA fines him. Yes, people are that stupid.

  17. I use a screened paint ball mask just to piss off the mask Nazis. So far, none of them have noticed. Disappointing.

  18. This is why I pour “masks aren’t effective” onto the progs. If masks were so miraculous, there would be standards of construction, maintenance, and use. Since NO standards are proclaimed, and ANY mask will do, therein lies the error of NO quality control.
    Fuck progs, and fuck their virtue signalling Islamic garb.

  19. Red shirt tire boi has the mental faculties of a planarian. I bet if you cut him in half he would morph into two brain dead hulks.

  20. I need to get his contact info ASAP…..NASA wants to hire him for the Mars “no return” mission……The gene pool will not miss his participation.

  21. Several county judges have recently imposed mandates on wearing masks in public businesses here where I live.

    So I wore a neck gaiter today at a Lowe’s several counties away from home but didn’t pull it up over my mouth or nose.

    Hey. I was “wearing” a mask, could breathe freely, and I was understood when I asked where a certain product was located in the store.


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