GEICO Caveman Calls Trump Supporting Journalist a Racist

The reporter then confronts crowd of people in airport that boo Trump’s economy.

ht/ js

12 Comments on GEICO Caveman Calls Trump Supporting Journalist a Racist

  1. Honestly, I can’t look at that fool without without wondering who’s responsible for his personal hygiene. Somebody needs to do a more effective job at it. A outlaw biker taught me long ago that it takes a racist to accuse another of racism.

  2. Michael Berry the radio host is in Green’s district and knows him personally from Berry’s days serving on Houston’s city council. He doesnt sling around the R word at all but he definitely says Green is a race-baiting race-card racist.

  3. No sense in talking facts to a race baiting Libtard DildoCrat.
    My response would be to call him a pedophile, a child molester, and trafficking in child porn. And then challenge him to disprove it.
    Two can play that little game.


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