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Geller and Spencer Just Released From Lockdown

I just got off the phone with Miss Pamela.

She said that the war is on our shores. Shots were fired for drawing a cartoon. Meanwhile our quisling left is busy saying that this was caused by AFDI, as if the wholesale murder of Christians was caused by anything other than being Christian.

I reminded her of the time Geraldo called her an agent provocateur. Geraldo actually thinks that if you keep out of trouble around Islam, not draw their prophet, and not be Christian, or a Jew, then we can all COEXIST.

She has a message for these Dhimmis. Unfortunately I can’t print it.


16 Comments on Geller and Spencer Just Released From Lockdown

  1. I just asked God it was time for Him to get all Old Testament…

    Actually, it was more of a demand. 😉

  2. From Evan Sayet on Twitter –

    My favorite drawings at the Mohammed cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.

    lol !!

  3. I’m listening to Pamela right now on FOX. She is great. She mentioned Fawstin’s cartoon to make a great point with her interrogator.

  4. There are no chalked outlines yet. Those two mutts are just lying there like sacks. Rigor Mortis set in hours ago.





  6. Allahu Fubar! Pisslam, the religion of pedophiles, mass murderers, rapists and goat humpers.

  7. I want to know what Pamela Geller’s response was to iOTW?>>>

    I’m not following. Response to what?

  8. She has a message for these Dhimmis. Unfortunately I can’t print it.

    BFH, richwill66 was most likely referring to this.

  9. Ohhhhh.

    I will allow her to speak for herself.
    I’ll try and get 5 minutes with her later and I’ll record it.

  10. I just watched the interview with Pamela and the blond idiot from CNN — Alison something or other. It was difficult to listen while at the same time yelling “SNAP!” every time Pam got little Alison’s nuts in her teeth.

  11. Mike Savage said today that Pamela Geller is “too provocative” for him and he won’t have her on his show. I’ve been trying to decide for some time whether I want to keep listening to him since he’s an ass more often than not. He made my decision for me.

  12. Mike Savage said Geller’s too provocative? LMAO! I seem to remember he got banned from entering England, too. LoL.

    Fuck him and his 1 hour commentary about his sandwiches.
    Btw, does she even want to be on his show?

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