Gen. Boykin: First Transgender Man Enters My Daughter’s Bathroom Won’t Have to Worry About Surgery

CNS: Commenting on anti-Christian attacks in America and the radical LGBT agenda that says transgender men can use women’s bathrooms,  Lt. Gen. (ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, former chief of U.S. Army Special Operations Command and a top member of Delta Force, said Christians need to fight this “evil,” and added that the first transgender man that walks into his daughter’s bathroom won’t have to worry about sex-change surgery.

“I’ve already said, and somebody will be recording this and this’ll be on YouTube before it’s all over with,”  MORE

22 Comments on Gen. Boykin: First Transgender Man Enters My Daughter’s Bathroom Won’t Have to Worry About Surgery

  1. I do believe he means it too.

    These fucking fags or whatever they’re calling themselves this week, are out of control because of PC. How in the world ~2% of our population can turn our culture inside out is a mystery almost equal to the Holy Trinity.

  2. I met him a few years ago when he was keynote speaker at a Christian men’s conference.
    Great American hero!

  3. No One,
    “Laws” can be made and passed to say anything. Doesn’t mean that they’re right and valid.
    Once upon a time there were laws upholding slavery and the return of runaway slaves? Want to return to those days?
    Once upon a time there were laws upholding human sacrifice. Want to return to those days?

  4. No one!

    If a man goes into a woman’s restroom in 98% of the country he is breaking the law and any father, brother, friend or boyfriend who doesn’t take action against him is a worthless putz!

  5. I see boys and girls and woman rapes, robbery, murder, abduction, torture, kidnapping, victims of voyeurism, assault, battery, and more.

    I see the innocence of childhood destroyed by legislated evil.

    Please send a letter to the editor. Contact your state and federal representatives, contact your county sheriff, police commander, mayor, city council just get out there and do something.

  6. Used to be our laws were firmly based on morals tested by thousands of years of civilization.

    Now it’s, “Wow, is he fucked up or what?!?! Let’s make a law for him!”

  7. I like Lt.Gen. Boykin. His question about the Christian church needs to be asked at every church.

    A big part of the problem is people who don’t seek God’s Word first but instead flock to mega-churches to get some of that “feel-good” they are preaching about.

    It’s not supposed to be about feeling good. True Christians are going to be persecuted, and they would know this if they ever actually took the time to read God’s Word.

    It is the duty of Christians to stand up for what it righteous and true.

    Many will be, and are being, misled. And that is covered in the Bible as well.

    As for the gender-insane: be careful when you beat one to a bloody pulp. Shit like that is probably infested with dangerous blood disease that you don’t want to get into a cut.

  8. The putrid left have already branded him “a religious nut.” He has been criticized by his “superiors” (?) at the pentagon for his Christian beliefs. He’s fighting a lonely battle. Today you daren’t touch a freak, you will win the battle but you will lose the war. God help us all.
    It is so freaking frustrating that a tiny minority of retarded mutants can bring a great nation to its knees with the help of political correctness, ballless legislators, and of course, the media.

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