Gen. John Kelly: ‘Stunned’ After ‘Empty Barrel’ Frederica Wilson Politicized President’s Phone Call

Breitbart: White House chief of staff General John Kelly sternly lectured Congressman Frederica Wilson for listening to and politicizing President Donald Trump’s phone call to the grieving widow of a slain soldier.

“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on the conversation – absolutely stuns me,” Kelly said, “And I thought at least that was sacred.”


Kelly delivered a stirring speech at the White House press briefing about the sacred duty of people serving in the military and the president’s role in comforting grieving family members and called Wilson a “selfish member of Congress” for politicizing the phone call.

He confirmed that he advised President Donald Trump about what to say to a grieving family, including the statement that a soldier knows what he signs up for when he volunteers to serve in the Army.

Kelly continued:

When I was a kid growing up I thought a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore as we’ve seen from recent cases. Life was sacred. That’s gone. Religion. That seems to be gone as well. Gold Star families, I think that left in the convention over the Summer. I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred.

He said he was so stunned by Wilson’s statements on television he went to the Arlington National Cemetery to spend time with some of the slain members of the military “some of whom I put there,” referring to his command of soldiers in Iraq.

Kelly referred to Wilson as an “empty barrel” noting that they are the ones “making the most noise.”  MORE

26 Comments on Gen. John Kelly: ‘Stunned’ After ‘Empty Barrel’ Frederica Wilson Politicized President’s Phone Call

  1. Black Democrap women, now trying to out stupid each other?
    Rep. Maxipad “Loony” Waters (D-Ca)
    Rep. Eddie “Blame the Victim” Johnson (D-Tex.)
    Rep. Frederica “Party Line” Wilson, (D-Fla)
    Their brain power can be described as 3 BBs rolling around in a boxcar.
    Has to be more.

  2. GREEN BERET. I think much more of this young man than anyone else involved. Obviously a bad ass son of a bitch. His friends described him as a super patriot. He was off the plantation.

  3. The best thing I have heard almost ever.
    Kelly spoke words that we all feel about our men and woman that keep us safe everyday.
    The press sat in stunned silence. They had nothing.
    We are winning folks, the left has what Frederica “the Hat” Wilson.
    We have Kelly , Trump , Mattis ect. Who will win out in the end.

  4. Unfortunately I wasn’t stunned. I feel horrible for the young man who gave his life and that instead of the honor he should be given and nothing more this horrible woman tried to put a stain on that honor.

    When these nuts come out, I usually look up what areas they represent so I can make a mental note to never go to those areas because there’s brain dead people who would elect them.

  5. it’s become a tired, worn pattern … US Blacks … the perpetually-aggrieved
    … no better than spoiled brats, dancing to the tune of the new Plantation Masters …

    (US Blacks = the least-aggrieved Blacks in the world)

  6. ‘mad hatter’ wilson is so very wrong. I question her sanity, and her need for attention.

    And they are empty barrels, making noise. Unlike some, I hope they continue to make their noise for a little bit longer. The dems are currently dissing the flag, the pledge of allegiance, our military and life itself. They protest traditional American values at their very heart. Keep barreling. The VA governor’s election is in 2 weeks. Go for it. They’ll maybe learn something from it. Their noise is being heard.

  7. I can’t take this shit anymore. Frederica Wilson, and Brian Williams interviewing a brain dead Bronze Mother, God Bless and protect the families of these heroes. Williams and Wilson are total assholes. The mother was led on by the usual scumbags.
    Brian Williams is a disgusting , lying coward.

  8. you knew when this “empty barrell” (love that) said this it was political.

    You just knew that Trump would NEVER have said that. Empty barrel with empty words met with a can of whoopass from Kelly and Huckabee-Sanders

  9. Why does the witch wear a hat that represents a culture that has more in common with General Kelly than her hoodrat roots? Congress cretin Wilson decides to interject her leftist poison apple politics into a painful, vulnerable situation and victimizing a military widow.
    Clearly, Wilson is an amoral, corrupt imbecile.

  10. Wilson so disgusted me with her self-serving stupidity that I wanted to jerk that wig and culturally-appropriated cowboy hat off her empty head, wad them up, and stuff them in her ugly mouth.

    How ignorant are these black Congress people?

    If they would spend half the time in Congress working to better the lives of their people as they do bitching about President Trump, maybe things would start looking up for everyone. I’m beginning to question their competency.

  11. Thank you for your service General Kelly. Evoking those buried at Arlington Cemetery, where your own son resides, was very moving. Does anyone doubt who is telling the truth about this nonsense? These are truly times that try real men’s souls. God speed, General Kelly.

  12. Not much to add other than I thank God that we still have men and women who are placing themselves in harm’s way despite the “empty barrels” of congress.

  13. I almost feel sorry for people so incredibly stupid that they would voluntarily chose someone like this to represent them in congress. Almost.

  14. She doubled down and laughed at Kelly’s remarks, saying: “I’m a rock star!” (for having been mentioned in the briefing).
    What is she, a reptile? My own blood runs cold to imagine someone as indifferent to another’s suffering as this. She feels no honest shame or regret whatsoever. Racist?

  15. I very much appreciated that Kelly only called upon media reps who either were Gold Star family members or personally knew a Gold Star family member or their loved one. He wasn’t going to take a know-nothing question from anyone who hasn’t been personally touched by the death of a service member. I know he wasn’t being unkind, just instinctively protective of the subject.

  16. it was easy for wilson to take trumps words out of context and use it as a political weapon because the msm and the political establishment have been doing this since trump won the republican primary.

    you cannot believe anything in the msm, the very next day it becomes the lie it always was.

  17. The full meaning of “No Moral Compass” is on display by this disgusting human being, Frederica Wilson.
    It is doubly disgusting that she is a member of Congress.

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