General Mike Flynn Tells America Not to Give a Dime to the RNC – IOTW Report

General Mike Flynn Tells America Not to Give a Dime to the RNC

Frank Speech

Diamond and Silk had a chance to talk with General Mike Flynn about the current state of the country, liberal socialism, and the United State’s standing on the world scene. The challenges ahead seems bleak but Diamond and Silk spoke with Flynn about the efforts conservatives must put forth to combat left-wing ideology and conservative censorship. WATCH

21 Comments on General Mike Flynn Tells America Not to Give a Dime to the RNC

  1. The Left is growing, the right is shrinking, it’s pretty obvious where the country is going and how it will end up.

  2. General Flynn you got that right, not one stinkin’ thin dime. 🤨

    Frankly I wouldn’t care if they dissolved into the dustbin of time. 😁

  3. I’ve already made the decision to only support candidates who supported Trump and his policies and nothing to the 1RNC.

  4. Give them one thin dime so they can sit on the behinds and get fat in D.C.? No way! The RNC is dead to me! What a bunch of Judas to America! For the few conservatives, my apologies, but to the rest go to blazes!!

  5. Republicanpac called me a week ago; fairly certain they won’t be calling back; I was neither cordial or friendly.

  6. For at least the last 12 years, my reaction to the RNC solicitations has been exactly the same as my reaction to the NRA solicitations: no f**king way.

  7. I just got ANOTHER letter from Ronna McDaniel begging for more money. I guess the last time when I returned 0 money and a note saying go piss up a rope, I will no longer support RINOS didn’t take root!


  8. Fuck the RNC in the ass with a cactus. Trump is the gold standard. Mcconnell and Rona Romney are the usual backstabbing sewage.

  9. I can proudly say that I have been posting pretty much the same message for two decades now. I have said and posted: Not so much as a wooden nickel to the Republican Party, give only to individual candidates that you have personally vetted.

  10. If you still believe in elections after the last one, then I have a vaccine for you, and it’s free

  11. The day after the election I quit the Repuglican party. I’ll stay registered as an Independent from here on out. I don’t believe the left is growing, from the places I read and people I listen to, it’s the right that is growing because people aren’t liking what the left is doing. You can’t trust the liberal media, they lie, are liars, and Trump had them pegged from the beginning. The liberals know they have an empty suit in the WH and it’s a big embarrassment for them. I’ll give Biden 6 months in office before his lying leaders dispose of him. Libs don’t like Harris, so it’s a quandary for them. Heck they cheated and look what they got!

  12. MJA April 30, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    No, the new right is growing quickly and taking some former dems with it.
    This is `100% fact! Conservatism is coming back and with a vengeance. If you like listening to uplifting conservative talks, I recommend Dt. Steve Turley:

  13. My Petey would never give a dime to the RNC BUTT he gives all his time to my unbleached elastic starfish!

  14. Hey Chasty. You cooking tonight or do you want to do fondue take out again?

  15. After the way Canuckistan Conservative have behaved during “The Rona” I tell the to FKCU FFO very loudly when they call for donations.

    No Significant Difference in Policy.

    Our Conservatives up here are now in favor of Carbon taxes, Silencing religious freedom, & Expanded Police powers including Curfews and currently have banned outdoor Golf (I don’t play).


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