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Generous To A Fault

It seems Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) claimed on her 2014 income tax form to have donated $50,000 worth of clothing and household items to local charities. Now the Bay State Senator has declared her reported largess is an “entry error.” Perhaps an audit is in order. More


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  1. That a hell of a lot of fringed leather dresses and moccasins! Were they the beaded deluxe versions?

  2. She donated all that stuff then went out for chinese food.
    In the morning she woke up in her tea pee.
    That’s how you can tell she’s a real Indian

  3. Yup, I believe her. Everyone knows that USED household items sell for thousands of dollars on line. Same goes for second hand clothing. This is how I’m living the dream in Unicorn Utopia USA! C’mon folks, round up them worn jeans and tees, instant wealth and tax deductions guaranteed, whoopeedo.

  4. “For sale: Blue buckskin dress bearing small stain. Last worn at after-hours White House visit during Presidency of William J. Clinton.

    Don’t blow this chance to own a piece of real American history.”


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