Genoa, Italy: Over 35 Killed In Bridge Collapse

CTH: The images are jaw-dropping. Dozens of vehicles plunged well over a hundred feet when a massive section of an elevated/suspension bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy. The death toll continues to grow (currently 35); and incredibly there were/are actual survivors being pulled from vehicles. The bridge was built in 1967, and there was a very bad storm at the time of the collapse. An eye witness stated he saw a direct lightning strike on the support tower just prior to the moment of failure.  more here

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  1. In Heaven…

    The English are the cops.
    The Germans are the engineers.
    The Italians are the chefs.

    In Hell…

    The English are the chefs.
    The Germans are the cops.
    The Italians are the engineers.

  2. Of course mention the storm (a global warming related accident) and not the lack of funds for infrastructure because all the money is going toward immigrants

  3. Due to Construction, I had the first chance ever to stop on the

    7 Mile Bridge in the Keys…..Man does that thing jump….

    I was actually getting a tad nervous…..

  4. Somebody needs to inform the mafia that those bodies encased in the concrete will eventually decompose. This will leave voids in the structure causing weakness and possibly eventual failure.

  5. An article I read claimed the executives in the company maintaining the roads earned an outrageous $100k per year. We have toll collectors that get more.

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