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Gentlemen! No Questions In The Press Room!

Fauci’s Last Day

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  1. @DSifferent Tim: Lying isn’t a difficult job if you’re good at it. But we know when they’re lying, so it’s easy for us to hear it.

  2. I guess when the overused excuses for questioning certain people go out the window, they got nothing to work with.

  3. What else would you expect from the Lesbian Hattian Kewpie-Doll? She’s even worse than The Red Menace Pssss-aki!! ;^)

  4. You all missed the point.

    They didn’t want to answer the question, so they did not answer the question. Now everyone’s talking about the GayBlackLesbianImmigrant and NOT the architect of an ONGOING genocide that is being used to sterilize, cripple, and murder American children as we speak.

    This was a successful deflection off the MoronShield.

    So it’s working exactly as intended.

  5. Good riddance to lying Chinese junk and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. If the GOPEE has any guts, they will indict him for lying to the American people about COVID and send him to prison for the rest of his life or preferably execute him by hanging him to death.


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