Paul Joseph Watson’s Take on Hypocrite Clooney

He’s fleeing Europe due to fears over terrorism – caused by the very “refugee” policies he advocated.

These a$$holes have the money to outrun their own idiotic philosophies, leaving us small people behind to live our humble lives in the wake of their ruinous feel-good tinkering.

What a f**king hypocrite.

[Warning: Some blistering language]

17 Comments on Paul Joseph Watson’s Take on Hypocrite Clooney

  1. Someone out there in LA should make that dick and his wife Anal Muhajadeen suffer bigly.

    They need to be held accountable for all of the harm they have wrought and all of the rapes and deaths they have been responsible for.

  2. Clooney Knows What He’s Done , there’s no Way he Does’nt. The Question is will George be Able to share His New Truths, as Openly as He Was with the Fiction He thought Was Reality !

  3. Re: Mr. Anth Ropy “How do we possibly make sure Clooney sees this video?

    Have you ever seen Clockwork Orange?

  4. Were Clooney to be Frank and Honest, it Would be a Huge Positive Step Toward Strengthening America ! Hollywood would be Freed From their Liberal Captors !
    Does George Have the Balls to Be a Real Hero …!

  5. Does it make me a bad person if I hope George and Anal are killed by MS-13 “youths” coming in across his precious open borders? Probably, but hey.

  6. I see this as nothing more than Cloward-Piven theory on steroids promoted by A-holes like Cloney! A cow-pie in Wisconsin is more patriotic than this rat-bastard!

  7. Just more moral preening from this insufferable gasbag. It’s all about perceptions with these jerks not about actually doing any good. The idle rich may as well be living in another dimension.

  8. PJW is so right about Clooney’s hypocrisy. This video is pure pleasure. Italy is being destroyed by these savages, and now they are invading the area near Clooney’s mansion on Lake Como. How wonderful!

  9. The image: Good looking middle eastern families with cute children. The reality: Tens of thousands of military-aged men behaving like savages.

  10. Like I said earlier, they (Looney Clooney & Co.) should be extremely vetted and then denied entry into the US.

    Citizenship REVOKED!

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