George Floyd Had Coronavirus, Autopsy Shows

Daily Caller: An autopsy report released Wednesday showed that George Floyd had coronavirus but was asymptomatic when he died while in the cutody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Floyd first tested positive on April 3, the medical examiner said. The medical examiner also noted that “Since PCR positivity for 2019-nCoV RNA can persist for weeks after the onset and resolution of clinical disease, the autopsy result most likely reflects asymptomatic but persistent PCR positivity from previous infection,” the autopsy said. more here

SNIP: So, he died officially of Coronavirus? Because that’s how most deaths seem to be counted, nowadays.

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  1. Well, like that guy in Washington State who died after being shot but also had COVID-19, Floyd also died of COVID-19.

    The defence is going to make a great deal of this, and the leftist control freaks will have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. OH BOY!….This is certainly gonna drag out…He’s just like
    Colin Kaerpernick, but took the knee in a bad way….yeah, I said it…

  3. Of course he did. Typical Dem tactics. One dead body, cause of death:

    1. Wuflu
    2. Murder
    3. Gun Violence
    4. Racism
    5. Police Brutality
    6. Heart attack, underlying cause illegal drug use (fentanyl and meth).

    Six causes of death, that means he gets six ballots in the election.

  4. Pretty sure you all should be scared that I called this two days ago.

    Has to be one of the end times signs.

  5. Mrs radiomattm
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 11:45 PM
    “Of course he did. Typical Dem tactics. One dead body, cause of death:”

    7. TRUMP

    (So, 7 votes, but they’re Common Core votes, so more like 777, or eleventy7 for short)…

  6. This guy was a bum.
    When history looks what what set off the second American civil war, it’ll depend on who wins.

    If the left wins, this bum will be Saint Floyd the Immaculate.

    If we win, this bum will be known as a lowlife who got himself unfairly killed by police.

  7. Since the dead man and the cop worked together previously, might the big guy have “known too much” and was snuffed?

    Ouch, my brain hurts from all this sh!t goin’ on.

  8. Aaron Burr….It ain’t the end of times….I’m picking up a 6 x 4 Gator on Saturday and then I have other appointments….Turns out I’m in demand…..

  9. Now the story is “hero cop stops covid-19 super spreader”.

    I might run with that….

    Also, if it ain’t the end times I surely need some Vegas time.

    Alas, I also have some dirt diggin’ and tree plantification to attend to. Want things lookin’ nice in case the Lord turns up.

  10. Have you guys been getting the ‘in this time of sadness and injustice’ bullshit emails from major companies?
    It’s the same form letter with some names switched out. lol.

    Dear, ___
    We are saddened about George Floyd and the injustice of police brutality

    …blacks face injustice daily_________

    …we will be employing new programs to make our company more _________

    …We will do better_____

    The emails sound like they’re confessing to floyd’s murder.
    And nothing says ‘heartfelt’ like a fucking form letter with a different CEO’s name in each one. LOLOL.
    Isn’t that just insulting? They care so much they half assed their sympathies.

    I unsubscribe from the companies’ emails every time I get one like that. Less trash for me to look at. lol

  11. @ MJA JUNE 4, 2020 AT 12:32 AM

    Yes and it absolutely disgusts me. The worst was fromSaint Martins University alumni something or other. They are full of shit, every one of them. Goddamned opportunists of the lowest order. Every Goddamned stinking lowlife one of them.

  12. Nobody ever e-meils me except for Nexfliiilck, Northern tool, Cigars International, a few others….turns out that Netflicks is gonna offer me a free month of service for my birthday this week just like they did last week when it wasn’t my birthday….I’m not sure they really care….

  13. now they’re going to drag his positive body around the country.
    Will it be ‘open coffin?’ Will he have a mask on?
    In the old days, in the ‘Wild West,’ people used to pay to have their picture taken with dead outlaws. Maybe they can do this to raise bail money for the looters. But they better be wearing wuhans (masks)- or else people will be able to see them smiling.
    Let the man rest in peace.

  14. I’m sure the plan was a pair of cement shoes and a trip to a large body of water, but the cop fucked up. Floyd was offed to cover criminal activity IMHO.

  15. In 1914 Belgrade conceded to Vienna’s demands.

    When told, the Kaiser stated: “Then there is no longer cause for War.”
    But the armies of Europe had been mobilized and war took on a life of its own.

    “From tiny acorns grow Mighty Oaks.”
    “From tiny matches grow Great Infernos.”

    There is always some lie upon which politics is based. This lie remains behind the curtain – probably has more to do with Barr and Durham’s investigations than the murder of George Floyd.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Personally, I believe that only 10% of cases have been identified and 90% have been self healed with people not feeling anything worse than a 3 day cold.

    Many people do not have the money to spare to go to the doctor or did not want the government locking them up and making then further destitute.

    Who the hell actually believes the demonstrator/looters/rioters are all clear of the virus? This just proves it, as per Dr. Dan Erickson of California and Dr. WittKowski.

    Even Piece of Shit Turdeau said publicly, “I will not take a Corona Virus Test, but I will take an anti-body test when one becomes available.” The little fuck already had it & kept it a secret along with his collection of fist shaped dildos!

    Just an excuse to stop trump and the resurgence of Nationalism vs Globalism all over the world that the big Orange Machine started!

  17. If he had china virus then that would effect his breathing ability under stress. The virus severely impacts the lungs for a long time past infection and well after he is no longer contagious. I had the virus back in February and my lungs are still suffering. I don’t post this to help the defense, it’s just a fact. The knee on the neck is what it is but this is bad news for the prosecution.


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