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George Floyd “Pieta” Painting Reported Stolen by Catholic University

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A painting of Jesus and his mother, Mary, in which Jesus is seen by many to be painted in the likeness of George Floyd in response to his agonizing death, was stolen from Catholic University of America Columbus Law School this week after a spate of conservative media attention and death threats directed at the artist.

“Mama,” by St. Louis artist Kelly Latimore, shows a Black Virgin Mary cradling Jesus’ dead body after his Crucifixion in a style known as a Pietà. It was discovered missing Wednesday morning (Nov. 24) from its place outside the Washington law school’s Mary Mirror of Justice Chapel. School officials have since replaced it with a smaller version. More

You know, art doesn’t always have to try to kick you in the privates to be profound. It can try to uplift, particularly religious art. But it’s a lot easier to curse than praise. – Dr. Tar

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  1. This is a good time to commission a painting of Martin Luther King in front of thousands with the words “I Have a Dream”, but replace MLK with Kyle Rittenhouse. Hey art is supposed to stir thought, right.

  2. George Floyd is a Piece of FUCKING SHIT!

    I hope someone digs up his grave & skull fucks his EYE SOCKETS.

    He is literally a satanic creature released on humanity and behaved the same way in the end as in his life.
    Pretending to be a Victim.

    Fuck Him!

  3. “Awww, what a shame”

  4. Their heroes are criminals and drug addicts like George Floyd and Michael Brown. I guess that should tell us something.

  5. The problem, though, is that Floyd wasn’t murdered. He died of a massive fentanyl overdose, and the claim that he was murdered by the police is entirely spurious.If the artist didn’t know this, he should have. If he did know this, then most likely he was just trying to stir up controversy to get attention. Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on him.

  6. The real story is that the picture was not stolen but quietly purchased on the black market by His Holiness Pope Trotsky the First. The plan is to hang it in the Sistine Chapel, next to art by Hunter Biden depicting NYC subway graffiti. A few palates of cash dropped off in the Vatican can produce wonderous miracles.

  7. @The Plutonium Kid November 28, 2021 at 6:12 pm

    > the claim that he was murdered by the police is entirely spurious

    As is the claim that ONLY some pædos rape children.

    Such “moral” posturing is your point?

  8. “I think, unfortunately, racism is part of a lot of it, especially death threats (that include) derogatory remarks about George Floyd specifically,” the artist said, adding that some of the threats took issue with any depiction of Jesus as Black. “Really white supremacist, racist stuff — which, theologically, is what racism is: a complete denial of the incarnation of Christ.”

    What the hell does this even mean??

  9. The point is, it is a Catholic university, and depicting a drug-addicted, domestic abuser as Christ is sacrilegious. The “artist” should try that with Mohammed, and see how long he can keep his head. Ask Salmon Rushdie.


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