George Floyd “Sacred Site” Now A War Zone


The site of George Floyd’s death is now a no-go zone for police and a crime-infested nightmare for local residents, reports the far-left New York Times.

Two months after Floyd died while in police custody, where he died “remains a sacred space” and a “a no-go zone for officers,” per the Times. More

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  1. Honorable felon George Floyd, kicked off the peaceful protests being maxed out on fentanyl and just a short time after robbing a pregnant lady and holding a gun to her belly. Yup, he is a hero alright.

  2. But what if you really need to take a piss and there you are right at the site where George Floyd died of a drug overdose?


    Get this:

    … yet somehow Federal employees are exempt from wearing masks
    You can now be fined $1,000 in Washington DC for not wearing a mask in public.
    But the Mayor exempted lawmakers, judges, and federal employees from the order. So apparently federal employees are unable to spread the virus?
    That must be why the laws only apply to peasants like us, not to the important people making and enforcing the laws.

  3. @Thirdtwin
    I would like to know how much money they’re making from pimping out a dead thug. I think his family will get ‘Travonned’ and wind up with nothing while all the leeches rakw it in.

  4. @TheRealTruthSerum

    I wonder how much they’re going to make when it becomes a Disney World attraction. Maybe part of the Haunted Mansion.

  5. @TheRealTruthSerum

    Is the absentee father/mother broke? Good if they are. They should not be able to profit from lies and failing their son’s moral needs and blaming everyone except their community & themselves.

  6. Who has blacks in chains? Seems the dems are saying vote Biden or you not only aren’t black but you won’t have any peace or law and order. And that business you started, forget it. Your kids aren’t safe even in their homes or on their porches. I really hope we see this backfire majorly in November.


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