George Floyd’s Brother Keeps Using the “Offensive” Phrase “All Lives Matter”

The left never makes any sense whatsoever. They will use pretzel logic to try and explain why the non-divisive phrase “all lives matter” is unacceptable.

By being offended you’re either saying that blacks are not part of the “all,” or you don’t care about the life of anyone that isn’t black.

“Black Lives Matter” is divisive.


“Not just black lives matter, but all lives matter,” Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd who was murdered by former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin last year, said following Chauvin’s sentencing of 22.5 years Friday. “We need to stand up and fight. We can’t get comfortable, because when you get comfortable, people forget about you.”

Floyd said the color of one’s skin should not matter, and that everyone wants to live and work together in the world.

“You have good police officers, and you have bad ones,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to sort them out.”

Despite that organization claiming that saying, “all lives matter,” minimized Floyd and other Black victims who died at the hands of police, it was not the first time his brother uttered those words.

“Anyone with a heart, they know that that is wrong. You do not do that to a human being. You don’t do that to an animal,” Philonise Floyd said while testifying in front of Congress in June 2020. “All lives matter, Black lives matter.”


9 Comments on George Floyd’s Brother Keeps Using the “Offensive” Phrase “All Lives Matter”

  1. Nobody’s life just matters. You have to prove your worth before it matters. If you’re a woman abusing, drug using, counterfeit passing, piece of absolute shit that disobeys officer commands then your life doesn’t matter. It certainly doesn’t matter you anyhow, the person that is supposed to matter most.

    And he’s right, people don’t do to animals what they did to Fentanyl Floyd. You never wrestle with a rabid animal, you back-off and shoot to kill from a safe distance. George got much better treatment than he deserved.

  2. Georges younger brother, Philonise Floyd started a go fund me page and last count he garnered $6.5 Million.
    He also created a Foundation call PAKFISC for social change, it is unknown how many $millions are in that coffer.

    Rest assured the Floyd family hit the lottery of life when their criminal, drug crazed and abusive brother died from fentanyl and failure to comply with the police.

    More $Millions to come as lawsuits are settled. Not bad for a little brother who was a truck driver.

  3. In all my growing up years, I never considered that we would arrive at a time where the statement “all lives matter” would be offensive or debatable.

    Leave it to the racist left to find a way.

  4. But they pick people like Floyd to make heroes from.
    If he really thinks all lives matter, then why isn’t there a fund, marches and riots over a white guy just as scummy as Floyd who got shot or manhandled by police?

  5. Black lives certainly don’t matter to other blacks, They sold fellow blacks into slavery, dictators and tyrants killed/starved millions more using terroristic tactics, modern day abortion mills murder millions more and they murder each other by the tens of thousands each and every year!

  6. The Bro had to throw a bone to the white folks. Cant keep milking millions in guilt-bucks from blacks, can you

    You must know that an additional 2500 blacks have been murdered in the last 11 months because of the way you exploited your brothers death, dont you Philonese? How do you sleep at night?

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