George Soros Spooky Dude Predicts a “Democratic Landslide in 2018”

Billionaire investor George Soros comments on the Trump administration during

a speech at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Soros Calls Trump Administration a ‘Danger to the World’

SEE SOROS COMMENTS HERE and bonus video SPOOKY DUDE by Chris Cassone

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21 Comments on George Soros Spooky Dude Predicts a “Democratic Landslide in 2018”

  1. When you have $Billions to spend, you can buy Congressmen and Senators pretty cheap.
    Get them elected for $11 million or keep incumbents where you want them for $5 Million. Of course the Congressional and Senate Campaign Committees pay for the rest (which is also SOROS and special interest money he contributes).

    When Congressmen and Senators are bought, they stay bought to gain appointment to powerful House and Senate Committees.

  2. Saying it don’t make it so Mr. Sorryass. I sincerely hope this walking piece of shit dies a long and excruciating death very soon. Why did the Mossad let this SOB live?

  3. @BUTTHEADICUS alter ego of RADIOATIONMAN February 8, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    > One of the most dangerous
    > & evil men alive today.Should be arrested
    > for Baltimore riots alone…

    And what would you have done to The United States Federal Reserve? The sole engine of all he does?

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