George W. Bush is hitting the campaign trail


Former President George W. Bush will be hitting the campaign trail for GOP candidates to help try and give certain candidates a boost before the November midterm elections.

“While he prefers to consider himself retired from politics, President Bush recognizes how important it is to keep the Senate and decided to help a few key candidates,” Freddy Ford, a Bush spokesman, said to Politico.

The news comes after former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for Democrats in California on Saturday, telling voters Democrats have a chance to “flip the House of Representatives and make sure that there are real checks and balances in Washington,” Obama said at a rally in Anaheim on Saturday.  read more

18 Comments on George W. Bush is hitting the campaign trail

  1. Stay home, Jorge.
    No one respects you except for RINO voters and we don’t want them because they’ll be voting for the RINO candidates (who won’t win).

    So you’ll be doing much more harm then good, stay h o m e. Paint a picture. Just go away.

  2. Dud-Yas fantasy baseball team was loaded with Met and Pirates players….he’s got nothing else to do this fall…

  3. Oh George was in hiding for 8 years while obama was doing his best to destroy the US. I guess barack and george got together at mcLame’s funeral to sing “We are the World” and agreed to help progressives on both sides of the aisle.

  4. The Dems have always hated and still hate him. Conservatives used to defend him until he turned on us. So who’s vote does he think he is going to influence?

  5. The only significant difference between GWB and Barry is skin color. They both are self-absorbed “elites” with multiple Ivy League degrees. Leftists and anti America-First. Barry’s speech last week was bad for Dems and good for GOP. “Unidentified” sources “high” in the Party are asking Barry to go away. I am sure GWB will give speeches that will help liberals/progressives. His conceit is rivaled only by Barry!
    2 self-centered New Work Order leftists.
    Each is a good example of how right Ron was in ’82, “…the government IS the problem!”! Both Presidents very good for global elite and very bad for working Americans!

  6. A Bush campaign trail for RINOS and Estab-lished Repugnants wouldn’t be complete without pervy Papa George and Wyah’s dumber brother, Yeb.

  7. Yet the childish bi-partisan pissing match continues. These “elected” self serving pocket lining Morons keep “Winning”. Too bad conservatives have the where with all, to be deceit, and not take the murderous scum out as they to the world for decades.

  8. seriously??? … no one paid attention to GW during his presidency … why would anyone pay attention now?

  9. Methinks he grossly overestimates his appeal.

    In 2000, yes, he was better than Al Gore.
    In 2004, yes, he was better than John Kerry.

    If the bar was any lower, Lilliputians would be mistaken for the Irish.

  10. The RINO voters need to get out and vote for the RINO candidates if they’re on the ballot. The alternative, assuming primaries are past, is donkeys. Yes, I’d rather have RINOs than donkeys wherever those are the only options. If Prince George can help with that, I’m all for it.

    Trump voters should be getting out to vote either way. Trump voters don’t want two years of Impeachment Theater do they? Trump voters want fewer donkeys in the Senate for the hearings on Ginsburg’s successor, don’t they?


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