George Washington University suggests students not use the words “lame” or “insane”

My response to the jerks making this recommendation would simply be, “I can see how using the word “insane” could offend a leftist.”

Campus Reform-

George Washington University suggests students not use the words “lame” or “insane,” find “allies” to help educate white students hosting sombrero parties, and more.

The school makes these recommendations and more in an online “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” training through EVERFI, a module to which Campus Reform gained access.

One prompt labeled “Ally Power” describes a white man, Tanner, who is planning a “Salsa and Sombreros” birthday party for himself.

“When Luca hears about [the party], they get angry because they recognize the event as cultural appropriation that makes fun of their Mexican heritage,” the prompt reads. “They tell Tanner he should change the theme because it’s offensive. Tanner says, ‘I’m open to hearing why you find it insensitive, but you need to use a less angry tone if we’re going to talk about it.’”

The correct answer to the multiple choice question regarding what Luca should do reads “Check in with themself about how they’re feeling, and be open to finding an ally who can work with Tanner so he understands the concerns.”

“Making a choice to avoid using a word like ‘gay,’ ‘lame,’ or ‘insane’ as shorthand to mean something is bad or difficult isn’t about being silenced or ‘politically correct’ — it’s being informed and respectful,” reads a section entitled “Inclusion Strategies.” 


This is gay.

24 Comments on George Washington University suggests students not use the words “lame” or “insane”

  1. …that’s just so they can’t be honest about Democrats, because Democrats are both lame AND insane…

  2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training is lame and insane.
    The correct answer ‘check in with themselves about how they are FEELING’. Get over it, your feelings don’t dictate how the rest of us have to act. They admit that is the issue, some butt hurt feelings by a bunch of lame and insane woke morons.

  3. Let’s just run through the entire dictionary. We’ll put dates by certain words, which will mean they are just fine to use until that date and ‘how could you have ever used that word at any time in your life’ after that date.

  4. America is on the way out as a single, united and sovereign country.

    Division is what is being stressed in our country today and pushed on us by those in leadership positions.

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. It id said “the bigger you are the harder you fall” and we are getting ready to prove it.

  5. So busy telling others what to think, telling others what they can do…

    So NOT education.
    Clearly, GWU should be razed, plowed under with salt, and anyone associated with it should be run off.

  6. “Check in with themself…”

    If by “check in with” you mean “f–k”, then yes, Lucas should go check in with themself.

  7. My former place of employment’s handbook:
    When calling in to report an absence due to illness, do not refer to it as being “sick”. Employees should state they are having a “wellness challenge”.


  8. Sorry but “personal” pronouns are singular. To insist on using a plural pronoun as a singular is to deliberately confuse the reader or listener. Why not just have new standardized singular pronouns and stay with the nongendered plural “they” for groups of any gender or mixed genders? Singulars will be He/She/Ga/Qe (“hee”, “shee”, “gaye”, “quee”)

  9. At first glance, I thought that suggestion to be a bit lame but after a quick review, I now regard it as totally insane!

  10. Back when I was working my Co-cubey’s wife called him in sick with, Bob wont be in today! He’s got the S**ts. Took me 10 minutes of laughing before I reported that He wasn’t “feeling well”.

  11. George Washington University is still the name! I thought they had changed it to the Rev Al Sharpton ‘Ghetto Go Woke Institution of slower learning and corrupt extortion’!

  12. @ LCD, Does not seem to work that way….. take “nigger” for example, it is verboten retroactively. @ GB, my wacko Birds are offended.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  13. From the article:
    “One section of the module includes a stereotypical joke involving women and math attributed to a hypothetical student. “

    As a Hypothetical-American, I find this disrespectful and insulting.

  14. Well, there goes another one over the cliff. Why aren’t the alumni cancelling their annual “gift”?


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