George Zimmerman: Man, Richard Jewell Hit Home!

American Thinker:

By George Zimmerman

I love just about all Clint Eastwood movies, but Richard Jewell is in a class by itself. This one was personal. This one Clint Eastwood made for me. Only a handful of people in America know what it’s like to be Richard Jewell and unfortunately, I’m one of them. Mr. Eastwood got it right. Two thumbs up!

I rarely ever go to the movies. Nearly seven years after my acquittal in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, I still have to be very cautious about where I go. A few years ago, a man took a shot at me and missed my head by inches. He will be in prison for another dozen years or so, but every time I see my name trend on Twitter, I am reminded there are people out there who would like to pick up where the assassin left off.

My gut reaction in watching Richard Jewell was sadness. The film reminded me just how much heartache an accusation this heinous puts a parent through. For those who don’t know the story, Richard found a suspicious backpack in Centennial Park in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics. He alerted authorities to the backpack and helped clear the area.

Two people were killed when the bomb inside the backpack went off, but many more would have been killed if Richard had not acted on his suspicions. For a brief period, people called him a hero, but then the media and the FBI turned on him and accused him without evidence of being an attention-seeking security guard. They call it “trial by media,” and it is beyond horrible.

This movie hit home. I absolutely identified. 

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  1. the Tress(MSM nowadays) has been anti American hate mongers for at least 70 years! the writer and Clint’s hero were Americans the Press destroyed – why? the were Americans!
    The Press has hated me for over 70 years. So thy lie about the things I love – America, Ronnie, Barry (the ’64 Barry’ not GWB’s acolyte!) …. and now Don!

    Don did not play golf Thanksgiving; no matter how often GMA says did it is a lie! FAKE NEWS

  2. Deep State and Major media. A little bit of terror. Millions of unprotected proles, easily victimized.
    What could go wrong?

  3. The Democrat Media Mafia decries being called the enemy of the people, then goes about every single day to be enemies of the people
    – For today: See the media predict massive violence at the Conservative’s peaceful Virginia 2A Rally

  4. It’s the quick fix for the lazy among law enforcement. Here’s an idea boys, now we can wrap this up. The press will buy it, the public will love it. The only problem is… it’s not the truth. Sometimes you have to diligently seek the truth.

  5. Check out Tommy Robinson on accepting a free speech award from the Danish press on tr news site. Amazing how he has been smeared and banned from Twitter and Facebook for shedding a light on the Muslim so called grooming gangs in England who prey on thousands of very young white girls.


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