Georgia attorney killed man after golf ball hit Mercedes, DA says

According to AJC, Schmitt ‘said he was passing the driveway when he saw Jahangard leaning over a green, county-issued trash can. He said Jahangard made a throwing motion with his arm before something, a rock or golf ball, hit the Mercedes.’ MORE

15 Comments on Georgia attorney killed man after golf ball hit Mercedes, DA says

  1. What do you notice about this article re: the close-up of the perp’s face, in contrast to most crime articles where there is no photo?

  2. So this lawyer killed an Iranian by running him down with his car? I must be missing something, just what exactly is the problem with that?

  3. Got to be more to the story – did they know each other? Had a past of violence? Or did the Iranian hate german cars? Or what?

  4. I suspect the deceased Mr Jahangard may be a naturalized US citizen. 60 y.o. graduated from a Cobb Co. HS & Georgia Tech. But I might be wrong. Just as I also suspect the news report was written in a way to emphasize white American guy kills an Iranian guy over trivial event because white guys, especially in the south, are always racists.

  5. the first comment on the stories page says it best:

    “a muslim, a lawyer, and a golf ball walk into a bar….

  6. Jow-Jah ain’t got no hate crime law on the books y’all but I bet the fact the victim is from Iran becomes the focal point in the MSM.

  7. Hey Rick, I’m your next door neighbor right here in South Cackylacky. Next time I’ll be sure to insert a /s so you’ll know it was…..

    S A R C A S M

  8. Gee, photos of the victim and the alleged perp. How unusual. It fits the media’s agenda of white killer of POC. Meanwhile,hundreds of white people are killed by POC, with no photos.


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