Georgia COVID-19 deaths hit 3-month low, as reopening belies predicted health catastrophe

JustTheNews: The state of Georgia has reached a three-month low in its number of recorded coronavirus deaths, roughly two months after the state began to lift its lockdown restrictions amid sharp criticism that a too-hasty reopening would result in widespread fatalities.

The state’s COVID-19 dashboard shows a seven-day running average of about 15.3 deaths per day as of June 15. The state’s moving average has not been that low since March 28. (The posted average has continued to decline since June 15, though the state cautions that data within the last 14 days may be updated as more cases and deaths are reported.) MORE

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  1. The whole damn thing is a complete LIE.

    Yes, covid 19 kills us old foggies….just like the flu and influenza.

    It’s part of life/death.

    Get used to it and push the political aspects of it up the ass of your less favorite politician.

  2. The C-19 came to GA. roughly 120 days ago.
    We are a State of 10.6M . While the TOTAL Historical C-19 numbers naturally will climb, because if you test it will add to any number an be an increase.

    What are the DAILY numbers is the Real question?

    Over the last 120+/- days we have seen 84,237 discovered cases resulting 2,827 Deaths.

    My son working in Metro-Atlanta Area is a 1st responder worked with BLM ANTI-FArt types tossing rocks at them trying to rescue and put apt. fires. Is 1 of those infected numbers. He recovered in 2 days and was out fishing due to mandatory sick leave policies for ## days.

    In Ga. data indicates we average about 114 deaths a day from any typical cause prior to C-19. With C-19 that number is now about 140+/- averaged out.

    So my point is, my odds of dying from the C-19 are 140 in 10,600,000 or 0.0013207547169811322% of 1% as compared Dec. 2019 of 0.0010754716981132076% or 1% previously. These are Lottery Big Prize Odds.

    I have many other things more likely to kill me…than the C-19.

  3. The surgeon general is an idiot. Why would anyone listen to him? Alexander is also an idiot. Not one damn time have I thought, “I’m a Trump supporter so I’m not wearing a mask.” Trump plays no part in me not wearing a mask and even if he caves and mandates masks I still won’t wear one.

    Just like in Georgia death rates are falling everywhere. Hell, even if we even had deaths from it. It’s becoming really damn hard to believe anything coming out of any hospital, any health department and certainly anything from CDC.

    It’s really starting to look like we have nobody on our side.

  4. Death number trends are seldom spoken of in our local or state news. Just new cases. That’s the big number and pumps up the fear.


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