Georgia Guv Angers Trump Allies By Appointing Never-Trumper To Open Seat


Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp intends to select business executive Kelly Loeffler this week to represent the state in the United States Senate and fill the seat of retiring Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA).

A source close to the White House told The Daily Wire: “Brian is going to learn how unhappy people are with this decision the next time he tries to raise any serious money.”

A source close to the Trump campaign told The Daily Wire: “Now is not the time to nominate a liberal, establishment elitist like Kelly Loeffler. Doing so hurts President Trump and jeopardizes the conservative successes of the last three years. Rep. Collins is the obvious choice to represent the people of Georgia as he has an actual record of achievement and is a proven fighter for his constituents.”

A third source, who is a former White House official, told The Daily Wire: “It’s disappointing that Gov. Kemp would appoint a never-Trump, Mitt Romney donor to the open Senate seat in Georgia. The Governor should remember that he wasn’t elected to do the bidding of the swamp, he was elected to stand with President Trump to fight back against it. Make no mistake about it, Kelly Loeffler is the swamp’s choice for Senate in Georgia.”


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  1. something stinks in Georgia … this dweeb just won the governorship over ‘Gappy’ Abrams … now he pulls this stunt

    either he’s humping Loeffer, or he’s getting some big $$$ from someone (Loeffer?, Romney?, Soros?) to mess w/ Trump

    this asshole is going to regret this bigly

  2. This just shows us how outnumbered Trump really is. It’s a wonder he has gotten as much done as he has. The people are behind him, the swamp is trying to bury him.

  3. ,Fear not, Doug Collins is going to primary her back to RINO town.

    Kemp ran like a Trump buddy, but he’s weak and scared of Tank Abrams, otherwise Loeffler would be challenging Senator Doug Collins.

    Not acting like a winner, Brian.

  4. He is just trying to kiss liberal voters azzez so they will vote for him.
    Like to see him thrown out of office, the slimy snot!

  5. There is no human being in America more reviled than an establishment Republican. I’m sure his decision was met with the nodding approval of the rest of the deep state Republicans.

    Judgement Day is coming, assholes. The political landscape is littered with Scott Brown’s, Eric Cantor’s, and John Boehner’s, ad infinitum.

    It’s an ugly process where the purge sometimes pauses, resulting in unnecessary and painful democrat victories That’s what establishment republicanism delivers.

    Hey Kemp. You’re standing where I want to piss. Better get a move on.

  6. When was the last time a Democrat appointed a pro-life center right anyone? I’m talking senator or judge? They get it right (“right” being appointing someone who is ideologically inline with the party’s goals) every time and we get it right maybe 50/50.

    One of the reasons I hate Republicans so. But as long as they are an actual opposition to the leftrards I’ll keep voting for them.

  7. @Pelopidas December 2, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    > But as long as they are an actual opposition to the leftrards I’ll keep voting for them.

    So who’ve you been voting for? Your entire life?

  8. I would guess that this was a deliberate attempt to get another vote for impeachment in the Senate. They will do what they will do. We will do what we will do. And only the Great Blue Sky Tengri Nor knows what the outcome will be.

    Subotai Bahadur

  9. I was glad to see Johnny Isakson’s worthless RINO carcass finally go away with high hopes of replacing him with an actual non-establishment conservative. Hopefully someone worthwhile will primary Kemp.

    I held my nose and voted for him in the gubernatorial primary (he was running against another establishment hack named Casey Cagle who had been Lt. Governor for 12 years). He is better than Tank Abrams, but apparently not by as much as those of us who voted for him hoped.

    I’m sure his “advisors” are telling him that GA is turning blue based on how well Tank did and a couple of dims winning republican seats in the Atlanta suburbs. Atlanta is a festering, metastasizing, leftist shithole these days that is spreading it’s evil to the burbs, but I think the Russia collusion hoax had an outsized negative impact on republicans in GA as well (they were still claiming that there was hard evidence that Trump was guilty in order to interfere with all the races in 2018). Kemp needs to realize this and not screw his Trump supporting base in GA that he owes his own election to.

  10. Like I said, you can bet behind the scenes Mitch McConnell is pulling the strings. He’s pressuring to keep his covey of ass kissers well stocked.
    The big money directed by Mitch comes from the CoC.

  11. Sooner or later, you gotta take out the trash.
    Don’t forget, Carter was governor of Georgia.

    Three Republican Governors preceded by Thirty-nine Demonrats Governors!

    Can’t really expect much.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I’d like a bill stating anyone who runs as a republican or democrat then supports the opposite party, like former Rino John McCain should be automatically removed from office and a new election should take place.


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