Georgia Homeowner Shoots, Kills 3 Masked Teens


A Rockdale County, Georgia, homeowner shot and killed three masked teens early Monday morning, according to reports.

WSB-TV2 reports that the teens entered the homeowner’s yard around 4 a.m. and allegedly fired shots at the neighbors. The homeowner responded by shooting all three teens, leaving one dead at the scene.

The other two teens died upon arriving at the hospital.

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett described preliminary findings of the investigation into the incident:

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  1. ‘Help me, help me, I’m dying, I’m dying, help me, help me,’
    You are correct sir!
    Winner, Winner, Lead Salad dinner
    Son, you better quit your yappin’ or I’m gonna serve you a Lead Salad, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  2. Heh, seems the chief and the news reporter have different ideas as to who are victims.
    Dead don’t mean victim, you ‘tard.
    The dead are known as perpetrators.
    THIS is why nobody trusts the “news” anymore.

  3. I’m assuming dey was armed with blunts and skittles?

    Must o been lots of violatin cival rights going on…

    They done shot homey…

  4. Well, The homeowner was certainly practicing gun control…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. …must have been a Black homeowner, otherwise, Sharpton & Company would be leading a lynch mob to his house as CNN changes the debate topic to “White Racist Bigoted Genocidal Nationalist Homeowners with Guns: Should We Take Their Guns And Kill Them, or Kill Them and Take Their Guns?”.

    …all while being inudated with kindergarten pictures of the yoots amid calls for new laws against White people…

  6. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And yes, I was also irritated when the news reporter asked about the ages and identities of the “victims.” At the least they were trespassing. The presence of masks and guns strongly suggests that they were up to no good.

  7. “leaving one dead at the scene.
    The other two teens died upon arriving at the hospital”

    this is the only gun control support. good aim under stress.

    who shot what?
    white white shooter shooting black blacks?
    white hispanic shooter shooting white blacks?
    white black shooting black hispanics?
    white Hispanic shooting black whites?

    tough keeping all the identity groups straight anymore.
    who’s in, who’s out, of victimhood status.

  8. A “Go Fund Me” should be established to help this gentleman to purchase new ammunition. He saved the Tax Payers of Georgia the expense of incarcerating three Gang Banger’s

  9. What is the likelihood that the 3 masked teens, Dindu Nuffin, Heya Gointaskool & Heya Goodboi, were Black? If the “masked” teens were White Maga Hat wearing Southern Baptists, the Leftist FakeSteam News would be running these facts NonStop?! Some will say that these 3 teens being shot was a tragedy and that is far from the truth! They lived and died doing what they and their community praised and lifted up, GangBangin -Robbin, Rapin, Slingin…..! Regardless of the color of the skin beneath the mask, these teens died doin what they loved and that is the Truth!

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