Geraldo Insults Ben Carson in Despicable Fashion

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LibertyNews: Race-baiting loser Geraldo Rivera has officially crossed the line on this one…

While appearing on the Fox News show The Five Thursday, Geraldo blatantly disregarded Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson as nothing more than a novelty to white voters who support him as to not appear racist.

You read that correctly, not only to Geraldo discount Carson as nothing more than a black man… He insulted the American public by stating they are only supporting the candidate to hide their racism.

Lets take a look at exactly what Geraldo said:

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  1. There’s just no way in the world I could ever be a political pundit on TV. When shitsticks like this POS or even worse(if possible) Michael Dyson were to start spouting their BS, I’d fucking knock their GD dicks in the dirt. I’d last one night. Hell, one segment.

  2. More proof of the Liberal rainbow plantation mind-set that they own Blacks. “Black are ours, you can’t have any!”
    You can bet yer bottom dollar that any accomplished Black person who ascribes to Conservatism (common sense) rather than follow the agenda set by the Left will be called an Uncle Tom (or an Uncle Ben) in an attempt to discredit them. Since they cannot fight the words and ideals, they are reduced to their baser instincts of name-calling, character assassination and inherent jealousy of a 12 year old girl!

  3. Months ago I said Carson was the Repugs answer to Barky, “See! We can vote for a knee grow, too!”

    Never hear MLK’s “content of character” quote any more, do you? Definitely not from Dhimmicrats.

  4. C’mon guys, we all know Gerry is gonna walk it back to some extent and say we took it out of context. That’s what crap-weasel talking heads (and Politicians) do on a daily basis. Gerry is the official Jorge Ramos of Fox News and nothing more.

  5. I watched that Five, just cannot stomach Jerry.
    I love my DVR, commercial tripe and disgusting “journalists” flash by with the push of a button.
    Compared to Jerry, Juan seems almost a conformist, glad that buffoon BB is gone and forgotten.

  6. Jerry Rivers is the one who is despicable? He needs Daffy Duck in his face lisping and shooting spittle in his face saying, “You’re dethpicable.” Didn’t his fame end when he found nothing in Al capone’s vault on live TV? It’s also pretty bad when I like Juan Williams more than I do Jerry.

  7. When I hear GR on the radio, I switch the dial. Can’t stand his pontificating. Did you know that he’s a Republican? Wish he’d just switch sides and be done with it. He’s RINO in large/bold font.

  8. Geraldo is way out of his league. He should be in Desperate Housewives. But even there, he’d be out of touch! He is a rat, grasping at anything, as his ship sinks. Go home Gerald! Go anywhere!

  9. Geraldo should lock himself in a vault, so that the next idiot who claims there is something in one, will actually find something…..

  10. He’s just a typical Newyorican. Can’t help himself. I lived in PR for many years, and that’s what most there think. No matter the politacal side they are on. (Except the damned independentistas.)

  11. “nasty mean little man”

    Perfect! I emailed FOX News that whenever Geraldo is on, I turn the channel or turn it off. Will not listen to this race baiting infant ever again. Not that they care what I think; I didn’t expect a reply and never got one.

  12. Be honest with yourself and accept that all liberals/progtards are cut from the same cloth thus they’re all fucking retarded in the very same identical way.

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