Geraldo: ‘We Have the Right Warrior for This Fight;’ Trump’s ‘Epic’ Effort ‘Is Getting the Job Done’

“If the motive is to hurt Donald Trump, then save it. Save it for when this horrible disease is behind us,” because we all have to pull together in support of President Donald Trump’s “epic” efforts to combat coronavirus, Geraldo Rivera said Monday during his “Roadkill” podcast.

There’s no point in nitpicking at Trump’s every misstep at a time like this – especially, since he’s doing “an epic job” keeping Americans safe from coronavirus, Rivera said:

“I know that many Trump-haters are clearly frustrated right now because most of the American people – 60 percent in that Gallup poll – most of the America people, many of whom did not vote for Donald Trump, approve of what I think is an epic job, that he is doing to mitigate the coronavirus catastrophe.”

On today’s #roadkill@GeraldoRivera shares his thoughts about the effective, yet flamboyant leadership of @realDonaldTrump throughout his country’s battle against the #CoronavirusPandemic. read more

12 Comments on Geraldo: ‘We Have the Right Warrior for This Fight;’ Trump’s ‘Epic’ Effort ‘Is Getting the Job Done’

  1. Go back and reread that first paragraph. Yes, the decent and patriotic thing to do is support the President. What annoys me about Gerry’s comment was his inference to when the crisis is over, it’s perfectly fine to reignite your TDS. Gerry is correct about Trump’s effort but he’s still is a world class douche-bag and always will be.

  2. Nice try Geraldo but to foaming at the mouth, scummy REgressives, like the punks at CommonDreams or CNN dirtbags, this is yet another chance to pile on our President.

    As their irrelevance increases so does their bitterness. Couple that with one more time their man Bernie gets hosed and believe me, they are prime candidates for explody heads.

  3. I don’t ever recall a President who has made such an intense effort to communicate with the American people at any time like President Trump is doing right now… and he receives no credit for it, so as irritating as he may be, I applaud Geraldo for his comments! All the democRATs and their complicit Knee-Pad Media can do is deride and criticize him! All the more reason to un-elect every damn democRAT you can in November in order to make a difference in the corrupt power structure of the left and hopefully put a dent in their Bought & Paid For Media!

    Remember in November that the democRAT party is the party of Liars, Crooks, Thieves and Perverts.
    Remember all the democRAT power-play shenanigans that demostrate time and again that they are only interested in themselves, power and money! The American people be damned, especially if they are Republican, as far as they are concerned!
    Remember in November that everything bad is Donald Trump’s fault… even if it happened during a previous administration!
    Remember when they used the Virus scare to attempt to force Ballot Harvesting into the Stimulus bill?
    Remember how they used the Virus scare to pull draconian authoritarian measures on the American people… and it ain’t over yet!!
    Remember when the democRAT governors of Nevada and Michigan outright banned the use of hydroxychloroquine as a medical treatment for those suffering from the coronavirus?
    Remember when not ONE SINGLE democRAT voted to reduce our taxes?
    Remember the SOTU where they sat on their hands for real Americans?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands when Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands and refused to stand during his State of the Union address to acknowledge economic gains or an honoring of veterans?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands when President Trump cited job growth, higher wages and the drop in Latino and African-American unemployment?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for employee bonuses?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for 2.4 million jobs created?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for the American flag?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for the National anthem?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for “In God we Trust”
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for a fully secured border?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands for merit based immigration?
    Remember when democRATs sat sat on their hands during the applause for a 12-year-old boy in the gallery whom Trump praised for putting flags on soldiers’ graves on Veterans Day?
    Remember when democRATs sat on their hands when President Trump praised Steve Scalise and his resolve for returning to work less than four months after he “took a bullet” from a gunman and “almost died.”?
    Remember when Hundreds of American companies brought back jobs to America and DemocRATs sat stone-faced?
    Remember when every, single, stinking democRAT candidate raised their hands when they were asked if their healthcare plan would cover undocumented immigrants?
    Remember when democRATs raised their hands for ending private health plans?
    Remember when democRATs ran a Socialist/Communist for a Presidential candidate?
    Remember when democRATs ran The Village People as Presidential candidates?
    Remember when democRATs staged a Sit-In on the House Floor over gun control?
    Remember when democRATs openly wished for a Recession just to get rid of President Trump?
    Remember when seedy democRATs lied about Brett Kavanaugh’s background and qualifications?
    Remember when disingenuous democRATs ginned up false evidence about so-called “Russian Collusion”?
    Remember when dirty democRATs tried unsucssefully tried to mount a coup against the President?
    Remember when Nacy Pelosi was so engrossed in “impeachment” that she completely ignored a coming pandemic? (but that it didn’t prevent her from blaming President Trump!)
    Remember when the democRAT party ran the Village People as candidates for President of the United States?
    Remember in November the Fascists disguised as democrats!

  4. Here in Cleveburg Jerry hosts a radio show from 9 – 10A that I catch every now and then and have to say he gives President Trump quite a bit of credit.
    But… Jerry also puts his wife on the show at times too and she holds nothing back when it comes to hating Trump!
    Holy cow whutta ultra liberal piece of work she is!
    Itz like Snakehead and Mary Matalin, only in reverse!!

  5. I don’t give a rat’s ass what Geraldo thinks about anything. I don’t remember who said it first, but this is a perfect case of “Stop making stupid people famous,” or relevant, or noticed.


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