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Geriatric President Screams and Rants Uncontrollably While Addressing Union Members

Red State: Joe Biden was let out of the basement on Tuesday, and boy did it produce some viral clips, with the content ranging from hilarious to disturbing, to infuriating.

The speech took place in Philadelphia, PA, where the president traveled to address the AFL-CIO. What followed was Biden unleashed, with the geriatric screaming and ranting to the audience in an attempt to rally support headed into November’s mid-terms. At times, it was uncomfortable to watch as his age and inability to even read a teleprompter convincingly showed through.

Apparently, Biden thinks it’s still 1975, back when he was merely a middle-aged Washington apparatchik. But the whole screaming thing went out of style about the time Howard Dean nuked his career with the now-infamous “Yahhhhhhhh” scream.

Regardless, the president’s arrogance is truly disturbing. He angrily rebukes those who question his outsized government spending, yelling that “We are changing people’s lives!”

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  1. We have an angry, flatulating rectum in the White House!

  2. “Changing people’s lives.”

    Surely, but not for the better.
    Inflation, War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Slavery, Penury … yep … “changes” for sure.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. My life has sure changed! I used to be able to afford my prescriptions and gasoline AND food. FJB

  4. The message of January 6 response was sent loud and clear…
    If you want to petition the government for redress of grievances, we will lock you in the gulag and throw away the key, Constitution be damned.

    It is long past time for pitchforks and torches.

  5. His age? Try his DEMENTIA!

    I know plenty of 79 year olds who have completely intact brains and mental function. I can’t be the only boomer who sees the face of their 90 something parent in the late stages of dementia when they see Biden – a ghost of a man. We also recognize the anger and personality changes that overtake the demented.

    Asking for a friend – who do you prefer A) crazy yelling Biden or B) creepy whispering Biden?

  6. There are probably too many times lately that every time I see or hear joey, and I usually tune him out completely, that I end up making a primal scream and yelling obscenities at the no-good impostor posing as our President. God help us, presidunce feeb sure as hell isn’t doing anything to help the American people. I’ve never despised a President as much before as I have biden, even barry, slick willie and jimma carta as bad as they were pikers compared to joey.

  7. @Stop The World
    “who do you prefer…”
    Mean tweeting President Donald J. Trump!!!!!!

  8. Excuse me, I forgot my “12” manifesto, then it’s ok to rant & rave, right.

  9. The fool ranted against folks who supported MAGA, which stands for Make America Great Again. So essentially Biden is against making America great – which in the context of his current agenda makes sense.

  10. Always first in line to blame someone else, when they are the problem. I’m old enough and smart enough, to know life was better 2 years ago, before Jackass Joe and company.

  11. @Jethro – good call. I should have included the mean tweeter as an option.

  12. Union members who voted for Biden deserve the pain they inflicted on our country.

  13. The husk is truly blowing in the wind, just waiting to be swept away. He is just like an old man in a comic strip yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. Or, probably more likely, inviting said kids into his basement to see who can swallow the most Tylenol P.M. when he isn’t busy yelling, screaming or whispering at the adults who installed his geriatric ass into this office.

  14. Union members, while on the clock, listen to old man .

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