German ex-Muslim has warning for European leftist politicians on Islam


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  1. I’ve always been appreciative of the insight in this golden oldie:

    A radical mohammadman wants to cut your head off.
    A moderate mohammadman wants the radical to cut your head off.

  2. MJA,
    I’ve been waiting for years to see an ACTIVE and LOUD group of moderate Muslim’s to speak out against their radical brethren. It never seems to happen though. CAIR gets the attention but where is the “I don’t CAIR”? And when the hardcore Imam’s begin to gain control the rest appear to just fall in line. Until I see active participation on their part then I can’t and won’t count on their support of our country and democracy.

  3. I’m not sure which is worse- muzzies or the treacherous scumbags enabling their emigration.
    They used to be limited mainly to their own shitholes. Now they are everywhere, turning their host countries into the same sort of shitholes they came from.

    “Refugees”, my ass.

  4. A large part of the problem is misunderstood and false doctrines within Christianity such as “turn the other cheek”, “render unto Caesar”, “the meek shall inherit the earth”. These have become memes that allow those disposed to tyranny (communists, socialists, muslims, etc.) to run roughshod over millions who would otherwise react with immediate violence to justly overthrow them. Yes, give me Barabbas.

  5. you got that right Anon. “false doctrines” Those phrases are woefully taken out of context. If you read the entire text Christianity is none of that. “no stone left upon another” is much more of a fitting quote. And yes that actually happened before that generation passed away. It isn’t in the Bible because the Bible ends before the temple was destroyed.

    “The sword of the state is the wrath of God” is the quote that seems to get entirely overlooked by the fake Christian preachers these days. When Christians are in charge of the state.

  6. Totally agree — the “Turn the other cheek” motto has made milquetoasts out of men and out of popes.
    Whatever happened to Onward, Christian Soldiers? Christianity needs men and women who will fight for their heritage, not submission. Always felt that the depiction of Jesus as a meek lamb, and not as an active political thorn during the Roman occupation was historically wrong.

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