German Intelligence Chief: We Should Respond To Terror As Israel Does

TheTower: After a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled on Tuesday due to a bomb threat, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said that his country should respond to terror like Israel does, Ynet reported on Wednesday.

Hans-Georg Maassen, president of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, observed in an interview on German television that Israel does not cancel public events in the face of terror threats.  read more

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  1. Professor Meade said:

    The peace and security of the western world…all depend on the vigilance of our security forces and the competence of their leaders.

    Incorrect. He inexcusably left out that our peace and security depend first and primarily on a capable, motivated, vigilant and armed populace.

  2. “Israel needs to serve as a model for the West:”

    OOoooo, when Obama hears about this in the news, he’s gonna be pissed!

    Yeah, so – fu*k Obama.

  3. Read his message clearly. He is saying we must all prepare to be attacked and wait for it to happen. Dont go after the animals and kill them first, just react after they attack and clean up the blood and bury your dead citizens.

    Ummmmmm, thats not what Israel, or Russia for that matter, does. They hunt and kill their enemies before they can slaughter their own.

  4. Maybe *not* importing millions of muslims would be a great place for Germany to start?

    Followed by deporting the muslims they already have?

    Sure, their farm animals and children will go unraped, but most Germans will probably be happy with that deal, unless they are Angela Merkel.

  5. You have to wonder what evil is in people, particularly among the so-called ‘Leaders’ of the Western world that allow (nay, do everything in their powers to permit..) vermin into the very societies they swore to protect.
    It’s like they’re presenting us a bowl full of M&M’s & saying, “go ahead, enjoy…they’re really yummy………did I mention a few of them might be poisoned?… no …. well, … maybe………. go ahead…. mmmmmm…..good.”
    As stated before….Political Correctness is Fascism disgusted as Good Manners

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