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German Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck, Under Fire as Energy Driven Reality of Economic Collapse Starts Sinking In

CTH: German Minister of Economics Robert Habeck is under fire after his comments during an interview with an ARD broadcaster on Tuesday evening.

The conversation surrounded the astronomical rise in the price of energy taking all the income away from people who would purchase other goods and services. As Germans no longer can afford purchases, the stores and businesses can no longer operate.  Minister Habeck was asked if that means a wave of bankruptcies and business closures are forecast.

Mr. Habeck responded that businesses can stop operating, but that doesn’t mean they will go insolvent.  Just because the business loses most or all of their revenue, doesn’t mean they will go bankrupt.  That doesn’t make sense, Minister Habeck was pressed to apply commonsense. If businesses close to save money, workers are not employed. If workers are not employed people do not earn income.  If people do not earn income, the economy worsens.

Habeck had no response other than an economically detached “Green Party” perspective that businesses will not go bankrupt just because they are not operating. However, his facial expressions reflect that he knows what comes next, total economic collapse. MORE

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  1. Further vindicating Trump and his prescient decision to make us energy independent.

    Europe only has itself to blame. When your entire economy is dependent on natural gas and oil, supplied solely by one country who has been a geo-political adversary for 70 years, what did they think was going to happen?

    The energy dynamic between Russia and Europe is playing out again re:semi-conductors. We are dependent on China and Taiwan for our chips, this is a very precarious position and puts us at great risk. Biden signing the CHIPS and Science Act is a [small] step in the right direction but we are vulnerable.

  2. Waiting for the claims of bankruptcy and losing everything is bad but it would have been much worse if my ESG score wasn’t so high.

  3. This reminds me of something I just read on Quora. The question was “Why do Democrats believe that increasing taxes will result in higher wages for business employees?”

    The answer was from someone whose name I recognized. I usually feel I have lost a few IQ points after reading his answers. He said that the reason was because Democrats understand economics, and that business will do anything to get out of paying more taxes and if taxes are increased, businesses will pay higher wages so that they did not have to pay more taxes.

    My brain hurts. Maybe the guy is really a conservative and wants to make Democrats look stupid. If that is the case he sure is succeeding.

  4. It’s very hard to visualize “total economic collapse” because we’ve never seen it.

    But I imagine everything just stops.

    Then everyone panics.

    And then? Everyone, of course,…

    (a) Spontaneously sings “Kum ba yah” in unison.
    (b) Starts singing “Whistle While You Work.”
    (c) Suddenly has a bluebird on their shoulder.
    (d) Breaks into a chorus of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” but forgets about the peanuts and Cracker Jacks.
    (e) Starts helping old ladies – oh hell, anyone – across the street.
    (f) Starts believing in Unicorns.
    (g) Burns their furniture to stay warm.
    (h) Gets convinced that leather boots taste good as long as they’re lathered in bug juice first.
    (i) Keeps eyeballing that plump kid across the street and computing equivalent grams of fat and protein and total calories.

    (Please feel free to embellish this list…)

  5. Exactly what agenda 21 planned and wanted. He’s just the face of this part.

    Citizens of the world need to take them out.

  6. “Jennifer Granholm says this is all going to lead to world peace.”

    Yeah, It’s going to be real peaceful after 6-7 billion people are killed off.

  7. For General Malaise –

    Everyone chills at the local coffeehouse and vibes to slam poetry recited over a drum circle.

    Hippie chicks make watercress sandwiches for everyone, and serve herbal tea.

    With lots of vacancies at local businesses, long lines of applicants hope for an interview.

    Jennifer Granholm is quartered, smoked and passed around to satiate the people. Feeling peaceful, the people settle in for the night.

  8. I long for the day when anybody who admits association with the Green Party is shot on the spot. People who are hungry and cold have nothing to lose.


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