German Political Leader Under Police Investigation Over Tweets About Muslim Rape Gangs

Daily Caller;  

A member of the far right German political party AfD is being investigated over an incendiary New Year’s Eve tweet, that cast Muslims as violent and rapacious.

Beatrix von Storch, a member of the German parliament and deputy leader of Germany’s far-right AfD party, accused the Cologne police of pandering to “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men” after the department sent out a celebratory tweet in Arabic to ring in the new year.

Von Storch’s twitter account was suspended for 12 hours Monday, saying her message violated their rules. She then posted the message to Facebook, where it was blocked.

The police are now investigating whether von Storch’s tweet constitutes “incitement to hatred,” a criminal charge under Germany’s hate speech laws, which were recently amended to impose fines on social media companies that do not remove “obviously illegal” content. more here

15 Comments on German Political Leader Under Police Investigation Over Tweets About Muslim Rape Gangs

  1. “[P]andering”, ya think, New Years, they don’t even recognize a Christian new year.
    Pandering isn’t the word I would use, more like dhimmitude.

  2. Again, AfD is *NOT* “far-right;” that title would belong to the NPD. More slanderous smears; the DC should know better than to parrot such nonsense.

  3. Free speech is only free in America. But socialist are working overtime to negate it, through PC, SJW, and worming it’s way through education, science, health services, all supported and ensured by our wonderful elitist, aristocratic congress.

  4. We have to understand that their guilt over what they did to Jews must be mitigated by being overly solicitous of another minority group that only wants to kill all Jews.

  5. Mighty Mojo JANUARY 2, 2018 AT 12:06 PM Free speech is only free in America. …Wrong on so many levels. But just as one example Calif is prosecuting a man for posting “hate speech’ on a muslim facebook page.


    I wonder how many muslims are ever prosecuted under hate speech, or physical criminal activity?

    Overthrow your oppressors Germany!

  7. It would be great if, before posting, that such tripe as “far-right” is removed. Would less name-calling be allowed?

    Remember, “tea partiers” are called “right wingers” for being centrists – aiming right at the US Constitution.

  8. CCAB Cologne cops (muslim clans under socialist leadership?) are bastards

    Here in action with water cannons against peaceful demonstrators of PEGIDA on the January 2016.
    On New Year’s Eve 2016 the Cologne police had barely 100 men available to protect women who were sexually molested or abused by 1200 illegal muslim migrants aka “refugees”.
    When PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (Occident) demonstrated the following week in Cologne, more than 10 times the force was mobilized. And ANTIFA provocateurs disguised as press photographers. Police stoped the demonstration after 200 meters. Many erderly people, some in wheelchairs, were driven back.
    Fortunately, the police are not everywhere like that, e.g. in Duisburg they always behaved correctly and protected PEGIDA demonstrations against ANTIFA.
    And now the Cologne cops sends twitter messages in Arabic.
    I’m wondering, did they recrut this guys?

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