Germans Must Be Fully Vaccinated Before Their Assisted Suicide

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While the world is already drowning in COVID-19 related bills, legislations, and mandates which make absolutely no sense at all, a piece of news from Germany has become one of the most ridiculous and tragic of the last 22 months. 

It’s this: for people to be euthanised, they must show proof of having their COVID-19 injections. More

15 Comments on Germans Must Be Fully Vaccinated Before Their Assisted Suicide

  1. The vaccine has been a great way to commit suicide for people that didn’t want to die. 6 of on, half dozen of the other.

  2. Gotta get that last $500 injection bill from Moderna to the state.

    The unfortunate thing is that the people who want Assisted Suicide are usually already in a Hospice or Hospital and their family Cannot sneak in a .357 with Hollow points for grandpa to leave on his own terms.

  3. From the country that gave us German Scheisse Videos…

    (Shit Porn) for the normals here who have no Idea

  4. Kcir

    That’s a great point/comment pal. You can’t even off yourself with a gun in these piss ant countries. You need to change your last name to Ramirez and come fix my fucking heater.

  5. @Kcir ~ Kraut porn is so over-the-top that it’s not even considered sex anymore … it’s just total degradation of everyone participating

    … not that I’ve ever watched it 🙄 😏

  6. Brad,

    I’m Not Fuckin flying to Mexico just to jump the Boarder pretend to be a beaner.

    What wrong with your heater?

    …and No offence to Old School Krauts, I’m Chuggin a Helles Lager right now.

  7. The german nazis and money-grabbers surely are picking up from where they left off. Mad because they lost the war they continue on with their sick need to cruelly victimize and abuse others—this time their own people. Figures.

  8. Germany – similarly to England – killed off its manhood in the first half of the 20th Century and now is inhabited by sissies and backbenchers who look to a deceitful corrupt woman to give their empty lives meaning and direction. It’s sad. A beautiful, once proud country (which actually had some things in which to be proud – unlike some other countries and continents) fallen into dust – consumed by their own apathy.

    Old Europe is dying, if not dead, and we seem to be stumbling along after, blindly following their descent into surrender and totalitarianism. An affliction of the soul, perhaps?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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