Germany Fears Huge Losses In Massive Tax Scandal

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Germany is suffering a 30 billion dollar loss from a major tax scandal uncovered by investigative journalists.

Local media revealed on Thursday that an international group of bankers, lawyers, and stockbrokers tinkered with regulations to give banks and certain individuals huge tax breaks.

Prosecutors reportedly turned a blind eye to many of the practices.

Experts have been sounding the alarm for almost two decades, but their warnings were ignored.

11 Comments on Germany Fears Huge Losses In Massive Tax Scandal

  1. Articles like this is just such BS
    They didn’t get as much tax revenue as the projected.
    Tax payers found “loop holes” which is liberal speak for legitimate business calculations.

    It isn’t a “LOSS” when tax payers get to keep their hard earned money.

  2. Rat, I’m surprised you didn’t go for the Frau Blücher reference.

    This is the same old story. Politicians leeching just a little bit of money from every poor bastard who just gets up, goes to work and tries to make a life. Times millions.

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