Germany Only Able to Field A Handful Of Fully Operational Fighter Jets

The German air force has 128 Eurofighter Typhoons in its inventory. You can count the number of those aircraft able to defend themselves on your fingers (I’ve seen estimates of four to ten). The problem is a threat sensor mounted in the wing that has a fault in the coolant system, and there’s no easy means to replace or repair the malfunctioning component. More

16 Comments on Germany Only Able to Field A Handful Of Fully Operational Fighter Jets

  1. On the other hand, who would they deploy them against? Their worst enemy is already in their country; at least a million so far.

  2. Germans should probably really enjoy the vacation time I’m helping pay for, ‘cause they’re sitting ducks when it comes to defending themselves.

  3. Their real threat is the Muslims in their midst. Their Eurofighters are no good for air to ground work.

  4. From the link: ” …they needed a specific spare part to seal the cooling circuit. However, this, according to the sobering response of the industry, is currently unavailable…”

    So would be my logistic and engineering commanders in the Luftwaffe. Unavailable, that is. I’d confine their ass to base, on bread and water at this point until they figured out how to hire an aerospace sensor systems engineer and a fab shop qualified to make the piece.

    If the story is true which I doubt. Chances are the sensor pod is a P.O.S that never worked from the get go.

  5. What TP wrote. Hahaha

    And our President draws flack from the same predictable sources for simply telling the truth. Go figure.

  6. Angele Merkle is not very wise…
    She has gotten into bed with the Russian Bear,
    Only only one will survive the night,
    It will NOT be her.

  7. Merkle can flood Germany with subhuman religious fanatics that rape and pillage, suck the treasury dry and treat German citizens like shit but the German people will not rise up and do shit until they run out of beer and sausages. When that happens its game on.

  8. Sad. Had the pleasure of working with these fine warriors in Europe and north America. Hard workers, smart and talented, funny as hell. Their planes are old and look needlessly complex. Should have been replaced long ago.

  9. With all the German engineering I keep hearing about, there’s no one there that can fabricate a replacement part? Are they really trying?

  10. Sure is a different Germany from the days of the RrrrrrrRReich. Willie Messerschmidt could fix this.


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